An end to one-dimensionality!

Here Wolfgang Sonnenburg shares his thoughts and opinions with you. His blogs are personal, individual, political, the thoughts of a free man for a free world, who says: "Enough with one-dimensionality, with a thinking that is trapped in mutually exclusive polarities, that lacks awareness: there is more than just the 3D world. There is more than either or!"

"When I used to come home from school, my mother didn't ask me: 'What did you learn?' She asked: 'Did you ask good questions?' How often do kids hear today: 'Don't ask so many questions!' But: The quality of the questions determines the quality of the answers - and the level of development of each person and society."

Wolfgang Sonnenburg on YouTube

Discover also the YouTube channel of Wolfgang Sonnenburg. Every Thursday at 5 p.m. he publishes a new thought impulse for you about shaping society, one's own responsibility, one's own power and about joie de vivre.