Wolfgang Sonnenburg lives what he teaches and has experienced what he passes on.

Wolfgang's experiences and stories help everyone look deep into their own souls and rethink their own values."

Prof. Samy Molcho

And the best is yet to come!
Why an emotionally and materially rich world is inevitable

What is happiness? How can happiness be measured? What does happiness in a society depend on? What constitutes real prosperity?

Wolfgang Sonnenburg has been dealing with happiness for many years. Not only with the happiness of the individual as a personal goal in life, but also with the significance of happiness for people in all countries of this world. And he is convinced: The best is yet to come - when people take their happiness into their own hands.

His book features people who not only say "Yes, we can," but "Yes, I do."

Read Wolfgang Sonnenburg's book on the future now, which whets your appetite for a life of your own design, for happiness, freedom and prosperity. His book of courage that releases the energy to shape your own future in a self-determined and self-responsible way. His Kaftbuch, which shows you how you can make a big difference in small and large ways and make this world a little better.

"In his book, Wolfgang Sonnenburg conveys a strong motivation for more joy in the future and inspiration in life: There is reason for optimism, and the author makes this very clear. He passionately stands up for his values - even sometimes provocatively, with examples from our society and from his life." (Ulrike Scheuermann, read more ...)

"Wolfgang Sonnenburg is a thought leader on education, health, happiness and economic freedom. He makes it very clear in this book that if everyone knows and lives their WHY ... that they will then lead a self-determined life to freedom." (Vera Lauff, read more ...)

Better the whole world against me than my soul: On the courage to stand by oneself

In his exciting and eye-opening book, "Lieber die ganze Welt gegen mich als meine Seele" ("Rather the Whole World Against Me Than My Soul"), Wolfgang Sonnenburg describes his unique journey through life, which led him away from the well-trodden and well-trodden paths - and allowed him to discover a previously unknown fullness, joy and richness.

The balancing act between external success and inner peace is a constant test. Broken relationships, bullying, depression or burnout - many people feel their lives are a constant struggle. The reason for this daily ordeal lies not in the outside world, but in ourselves," says Wolfgang Sonnenburg. He knows what he is writing about. He stopped fighting, started a new life and became more successful than before. Today he is rich and happy.

Learn how you too can walk this path to truly live emotionally fulfilled and thus happy from within yourself.

"An exciting profound journey to find one's purpose in life, leave behind inculcated beliefs and fears, courageously step into full power for one's vision - for a life of happiness, abundance & contentment." (RLI, read more ...)

"His so special view and explanations connected with his own experiences invites to examine the own way of thinking. The implementation, with courage to live his True I - the very own essence - and thus enjoy full life, he provides directly." (Britta Bauer, read more ...)

Basic Millionaire Spirit: With personal responsibility to financial independence

Why is one person filthy rich and the other destitute? Why does one person succeed in his profession while the other fails? Why does one person live in a beautiful house and the other in a dilapidated ruin?

In his fascinating book "Basic Millionaire Spirit" Wolfgang Sonnenburg gives you the answers to these questions and shows you the "way to become a millionaire".

He explains the basic principles that enable you to be rich: important principles for living a fulfilled life that is rich on all levels.

Make your money work for you and become the master of money instead of being a slave for longer.

"I thought until recently that my money issue was fate - it was simply not granted to me to come into abundance. But with the impulses of Wolfgang Sonnenburg, I have actually succeeded in changing my perspective, coming into power and acting on my own responsibility. Day by day. And works." (kolumnaXS, read more ...)

"How thoughts influence the account balance ... Especially his theses on dealing with money and how one's own thinking influences exactly this make the book worth reading even for those who are not necessarily after the next million. And acting financially on one's own responsibility certainly does no harm to anyone." (Stéphane Etrillard, read more ...)