Clarity, Freedom, Effectiveness - From Self-Knowledge to Unlimited Possibilities

Dear Winspiration friends,

Today I'm providing a more detailed update on how Winspiration is using the structural change in the world to secure its own future and that of our clients.

I greet you from South Africa. On the one hand, I have escaped the winter in Europe to be in the sun in South Africa. For another, it now has a special meaning to shape a transformative process from the southern tip of Africa. When I started network marketing 25 years ago after I had stopped practicing law and tax consulting, I had the idea to build a big network in Germany, we called it "Team Europe" at that time. I moved to Gibraltar after a short time and it was exciting to create this Europe business from Gibraltar, from the southern point of Europe. "Sitting on the edge", like a general on the hill, to be able to overlook it all better. South Africa today has a similar meaning with much higher hill. Winspiration is global!

This year, we made a really far-reaching decision in this sense. A decision for a very, very exciting path: We are spinning off all coaching and consulting programs from the Awareness AG and bundling these activities in a new AG, the Winspiration AG. This also means a consequent solution from the purely European, from the German thinking and from the classical European paradigms and thus to extend our service area to the English-speaking area worldwide. Last month we went live internationally with the UK Health Radio platform. The "Winspiration Radio Show: Brings you Wisdom & Inspiration for an extraordinary future." My YouTube channel will now also regularly feature these shows in English as a video once a week. Being in South Africa has another reason. You may already know the levels of consciousness according to Michael Beckwith and the following chart by showing that the Winspiration offerings strategically take our clients, you, to theirrespective next level.

Here in South Africa we are conducting for the first time the consciousness seminar "Conscious 1". To better understand and feel the non-duality and from there to work on the three-dimensional level. The picture above shows the levels of consciousness and on which level our respective projects and offers are basically located. Everybody, so of course also you, has the possibility to reach the fourth level of consciousness.

Julia Bauer, HeadCoach at Winspiration, had just recently written a mailing about BEING a life entrepreneur. We have been propagating life entrepreneurship for a long time. Already in the Brain Trust Mentoring courses many years ago, it was always about moving from pure self-employment towards entrepreneurship, as well as in my individual PrimeCoachings. How can this succeed? How can you move into completely different dimensions as an entrepreneur? Bob Proctor used to say "Create your own economy", design your own economic structure. And that means, as a life entrepreneur, you see the opportunities that present themselves and understand how to use them !

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Give a fish and you feed someone for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This needs to be translated in a new way. Giving a fish is equivalent to giving someone work. In the past this was called the day laborer mentality and today it is called the employee mentality. A skilled fisherman, however, is independent. He always knows how to provide for himself and his family.

In the future, it will be significantly more important not to accept work, not to be dependent on someone else giving something or what quality of work they give, but in the sense of being an employer yourself. And that means recognizing problems, striving for solutions and forming teams for these solutions, having tasks and distributing tasks. In the future, giving work means entering into cooperative ventures, solving problems together. Today we talk a lot about Future Skills, but today in 2022 it is not easy to say which Future Skills will really be relevant in just 5 years. Professor Harari says we don't know which occupations will even exist in 2030 or 2050. Change and transformation are in full swing and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, new materials and technologies are challenging us and already opening up completely new possibilities.

The classic idea that someone becomes unemployed and then just has to retrain no longer leads anywhere, and that's why the idea of a basic income for the population is not so completely absurd. Unemployment used to be an individual fate. The world was in an upswing, especially in the German-speaking countries, after the war everything was under construction, there was an upswing and everything was getting better and better. If a company failed, it was often due to management, and then it was good that we covered individual workers with unemployment insurance until they could continue working for the next company. When the change began, that not all jobs continued, we were able to deal with that with further training, retraining. Today, with these radical changes, that will no longer be possible. Professions are disappearing and the new professions require completely new skills and many employees are simply not able to do completely new things.

I, too, grew up quite differently from today's youth, who are almost cradled by computers. My brain is challenged with today's rapidly advancing technology. In turn, it is all the more important to be able to recognize what I need to do differently. But entrepreneurship remains essentially the same across generations. Both from an entrepreneurial and investor perspective. Working on the company is different from working in the company. Especially when it comes to building and growing wealth, the entrepreneur will play an essential role in the future.

And that requires a different form of thinking and a different form of resilience. Learning not just to manage stress in an emotional situation, to numb it, but rather to act consciously and live a completely different sovereignty. With this awareness, we also realize that today's politicians are not capable of handling everything. We see how they are now trying to cheat their way through the crises with an emergency decree and with "special assets". They don't have a clear vision. They don't have a clear strategy. The way the system is knitted, they can't do that either. Change and progress always come from the business side. The entrepreneur. Always. And that's why it's so important to be on that side. In the last mailing, Julia Bauer addressed Professor Fredmund Malik. In the following picture you can see a quote that we already had many years ago in our Mastermind rounds and BrainTrust mentoring programs.

It's about understanding that the solution has to come from the corporate side. That is why it is important for each of us to get out of the victim attitude, out of dependence. And that's why consistently the training or further education as a Winspiration Coach and Life Entrepreneur!

You, too, may remember Roman Herzog. He was Federal President from 1994-1999 and had said at that time that there had to be a "jolt through Germany" and more willingness to reform. Furthermore, we should get used to the fact that we don't just have to have one profession, but perhaps even four professions. That thought alone was a challenge for many. How can the president say such a thing? That was in the last century. And today we are arguing that it is no longer a matter of thinking in terms of one, two or four professions. On the one hand, these retraining programs no longer work, and on the other hand, what is the point of retraining if the profession no longer exists?

In this context, we use the Kiyosaki Cash Flow Quadrant to make it clear that employees and self-employed people are on one side and investors and entrepreneurs are on the other. Isn't it surprising that all the really wealthy, not to say rich, people are on the right side? How is it with you? Did you have an education as an investor and entrepreneur? The education system uses white collar workers to teach. How should they be able to teach what entrepreneurship means? That's what we keep hearing, row think differently. But where can you learn that? At Winspiration!!! The public knows nevertheless for a long time, how much the salaries of employees and management develop apart. In the 60's the managing director salary was at the most 22-fold. Today, employees can barely handle inflation or gas price increases and are more and more in survival mode, while management gets salaries in the millions. This is a development that we can't easily reverse, because the whole business world has changed. Business, productivity and profit are done differently today. Let's just look at Elon Musk's Tesla gigafactories. There, the cars are produced by robots to a far greater extent than the German established car companies do.

What is the difference between a manager and an entrepreneur and why will this become increasingly important in the future? We used to say that the manager does things right and the entrepreneur does the right things. But many things IT does, robots will do right in the future.

That's why many jobs will disappear or already have. But entrepreneurs are becoming more and more important because it is becoming more and more important to have clarity. What is it really, really about? For each individual, this means going through inner changes, even more consistently than before. Although already often emphasized, what I also express in my book "Lieber die ganze Welt gegen mich als meine Seele": Not to be influenced by the outside and to have the courage to discover yourself, get clarity about yourself and look at your own stressors. Why do I have the stress? Why is something triggering me? The outside cannot trigger us, we can only ever do it ourselves. Nothing inside is determined from the outside. But this is how we have been brought up. Especially in a rapid change like today, it is important to be able to clearly recognize and perceive the boundary between what is outside and what is inside and to dissolve the existing fears and survival strategies. Only then can we truly embrace the future freely and cope with change beautifully.
How can you be consistently resilient? How do you stay in your inner space? It starts with our inner self. To make this clearer, we have also renamed PurposeFinding®, which we have been doing successfully with our clients for many years. We no longer call it Purpose, but Essence. Why? Because it's not just about finding purpose, but being fully aware and recognizing yourself. That is essential. All great religions and philosophies of the last centuries, even millennia, emphasize again and again: Know yourself. That is the most important thing.
Self-knowledge is the first step and that's where you have to start. Only then you can weigh, decide and then act consciously from the inner center, from the free space, with overview and farsightedness. Get real!

The urgency of the outside world matters much less, than the importance of what is essential for us, for me and for you as a human being.

If the basis is laid, the foundation is clear, then we can also use the laws of the universe, the forces of physics, in a targeted manner. For this purpose, we have formulated the De-Mut strategy and pass it on. The De-Mut strategy is the most powerful concept, to materialize the personal goals and life visions.
In the international field, we have now also joined forces with Steven Harvey, who is training coaches and life entrepreneurs with accompanied Steven Harvey is a gifted coach, I say almost healer, because he masters a lot of techniques, including therapeutic ones. He has Super celebrities coached or treated. We have Roger Federer, Donna Karan, Shakira, Mel Gibson, Demi Moore, Chris Martin from Coldplay, sheikhs and other crowned heads. We are especially proud that Steven Harvey wants to work with us. His request has long been that we bring our De-Mut strategy, the 7 points of success program, to the international stage. And not only because of our 20-year friendship, but because he is with the international top-class has realized how important it is to implement this strategy. And so we are delighted to be working intensively with him to build up the programs now in English as well. Together, we will start translating all the programs into English here in South Africa at the beginning of January.

Things are not only going well internationally, but also in German-speaking countries. We are proud that Dr. PeroMićić and Dr. Jürgen Karsten have agreed to be on the advisory board for Winspiration AG, which is now being founded. In the Winspiration AG all previous coaching and consulting programs, training, all that we have done so far in this area will be continued and expanded and the internationality and the community of LebensUnternehmern strengthened.

In this area, the foundation will still be "The Essence". And building on this, "Realizing the Vision" - also with the De-Mut strategy: How can you clearly define your vision and your goals and consistently implement them? How does business and materialization work? At Winspiration, we teach you exactly that. And beyond that, we offer the "Coach Training", as well as even further and all-encompassing the "Life Entrepreneur Training", which goes up to a good two years. To the LebensUnternehmer belongs also investment, firm designs, future ability, many aspects and therefore we are particularly pleased about our two advisers with Winspiration. They are not only super professionals in their field, they also have - as they say - the heart in the right place and they will enrich us and all our clients, thus also you.

It should be clear to all of us that life is not about finding yourself, but about creating or reinventing yourself. The best security we can give our children is the ability to reinvent themselves as adults. We used to adapt to the circumstances, but today it is more important than ever that we adapt our choices. We as entrepreneurs need to be able to say, okay, that record thing is no longer profitable, then we'll make cassette recorders, or today a streaming service. What company do we set up for that? What can we do for that? For a real entrepreneur, this is not a big change, he just changes and changes the mission of the company. But how easily can you do that? How flexible can you act? If the identification with the outdated role is too strong, a flexible and new being, thinking and acting will not succeed. That's why I'm emphasizing it again here: The best security we can give ourselves and our children is the ability to reinvent ourselves as adults.

❤️ Set an example for your children, including your partner. Give and enable your daughter, your son an education in this form. An education for personal responsibility. School does not provide this. Make your children strong. Whether it's for Christmas or a birthday, make a gift and give the education at Winspiration. The training that shows your children, your partner, team members and also you a way of personal responsibility to live consistently and permanently flexible and free . By doing this, you enable your children or partners to do what Rich Dad did in the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki, by teaching his children "investor thinking" first, not employee mentality. What is it like to look at the world as an investor? And that's something we rarely learn in our own families because few parents are at that level. It doesn't happen in school either, because neither teachers nor professors at university can usually teach it, because they aren't and don't live it themselves. However: as already written, we can adjust our decisions. We can all be ready now to go exactly this way.

Let's remember again the phrase quoted by Malik: "The companies are the decisive factor". Politics always follows. And that is why it is important that we do not lag behind and wait for politics. Politics waits and we wait for politics, then it is logical that we lose out. If we take advantage of the opportunities, with personal responsibility and with the appropriate training, acquire skills, then we can permanently contribute our talent properly and stay on the safe side.

And with that in mind, look forward to 2023. There is nothing negative without an equal amount of good. Can you see it, the good? Can you take advantage of it? Can you harvest the good now? But it is your responsibility to actively shape your change and prosperity. Artificial intelligence will change many things much faster and many people will suffer because the world is no longer like this. All of you who dream that it should be like it used to be, like it was with the emperor, like it was before Corona - Forget it! The universe expands, it develops always further. It does not go back. And therefore I would like to remind here still of the sentence of the US-American philosopher Eric Hoffer:

In times of change, learners will take over the earth,
while everyone else is wonderfully equipped to
to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffer

It is already visible in many places that many new large fortunes will be created in the next few years. In times of crisis, when many lose everything, according to the law of polarity, great fortunes always arise. And then the question is: Do you have the ability to harvest? Do you like to be (success-oriented) life entrepreneur?

Don't just make New Year's resolutions. Don't just set something in front of you, but take the right steps. If it is a bit difficult right now, be sure: everything always changes. And when one door closes, another one opens. Churchill said "If you're going through hell, keep going". The end of the tunnel will come eventually, we just have to keep going. But now it's a matter of not just somehow shaping the future in order to survive, of looking for a new survival strategy, but of seizing the opportunities right now and going to a degree of freedom that many people, even in the German-speaking world, don't see at the moment because they are so preoccupied with their fears. But on the dual level, where there is a task, there must be a solution.

Do you now have the willingness to ... ?

✅ "Yes, I want to get on that safe side now!"

✅ "I want to be a life entrepreneur!"

✅ "I want to be able to harvest well!", and

✅ "I want to have this flexibility for the future, so that no matter what weather comes, I can always set the sails right!"

If you have this willingness, then look forward to a wonderful future!

Even today, I am more than 100% convinced of what I express with one of my book titles: And the best is yet to come. We will all experience a prosperity in this century that we could not even imagine before. But as always in a change, whether the steam engine came, the railroad, the first computer, there have always been many people who did not want to go along with the change and these have suffered. And people will suffer again now who are not prepared to break away from these identifications and move into the self-image of life-entrepreneurship.

Have the courage, live your full potential and become free and a life entrepreneur.
And then not only you will have a good future, but it will be the best thing you can do for yourself, your team, your children.

I wish you much joy on a wonderful future!

Your Wolfgang Sonnenburg

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