There is no longer a predictable future!

99% of all scientists and inventors who have ever lived are currently alive. And they are connected by email, Zoom, etc. They can meet anywhere on the planet within a few hours.

What does this mean for our life planning?

My father advised me to become a civil servant or join a bank when it came to choosing a career. At the time, he believed, and probably everyone did, that 40 years of professional life would be linear and therefore go as planned.

Now we know that this was not and never has been true. In any case, there are no longer any secure jobs at the banks.

Federal President Roman Herzog said on April 26, 1997 - 25 years ago! - "...a jolt must go through Germany" and that people should be prepared to have four or more professions in life.

When Albert Einstein published the theory of relativity in Bern in 1905, there was neither email nor the internet.
It took weeks, months for scientists at the time to learn of the new idea and it took a correspondingly long time to implement it.

To this day, the findings of quantum physics have not been applied to life at school. For us "normal people", everything has progressed comparatively slowly so far and our lives have been predictable.

Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007. A telephone? No, a computer with enormous capacities. Apps changed the business world. The photo industry and especially the photo paper industry were on the brink of extinction.

99% of all scientists are currently alive and have a smartphone. New ideas are being implemented at an increasingly rapid pace. Top managers, including politicians, can no longer plan in peace and foresee the future. Leadership today is leadership into the unknown. That is why there is less and less demand for leadership with knowledge and more and more for leadership with wisdom . Because the word "turning point" is a nonsense in this context. Better: we are living in a time of permanent change.

Is that a bad thing? Nothing is ever bad in general. It can and will be bad for those with an "employee - tell me what to do - look after me - mentality" in particular, because new inventions, artificial intelligence, algorithms and robots will destroy many traditional professions. Traditional managers who are too left-brained, hierarchical and linear in their thinking are also an obsolete model. On the other hand, there are opportunities on a scale that we have never had before on this planet.

Here once again Roman Herzog with his assessment in 1997:

What do I see in Germany? Here, despondency prevails, crisis scenarios are being cultivated. There is a feeling of paralysis in our society.
In America and Asia, product cycles are getting shorter and shorter and the pace of change is increasing.

... this much is true: if you look at our media today, you get the impression that pessimism has become the general attitude to life in our country.

This is incredibly dangerous, because fear all too easily leads to the reflex of wanting to preserve everything that already exists, whatever the cost. A society filled with fear becomes incapable of reform and thus of shaping the future. Fear paralyzes the spirit of invention, the courage to be independent, the hope of coping with problems. Our German word "Angst" has already found its way into the vocabulary of the Americans and French as a symbol of our state of mind. "Courage" or "self-confidence", on the other hand, seem to have gone out of fashion.

So our real problem is a mental one: it's not as if we don't know that we urgently need to modernize our economy and society. Nevertheless, progress is painfully slow. We lack the impetus for renewal, the willingness to take risks, to leave the beaten track, to dare to try something new. I maintain that we do not have a problem of knowledge, but a problem of implementation.

Implementation, do something! That's what it's all about. Getting out of the dependency mindset. To be self-employed or even better: to be an entrepreneur. Switching mentally and emotionally to the entrepreneurial side can be learned.

A good entrepreneur is like a good captain. He does not believe that the weather will always stay the same. On the contrary, change brings trade! A good captain knows and can set the sails correctly even when the wind changes. The only problem is when the wind is calm.

Life is an undertaking. In all areas of life: body, relationships, mind/soul and finances.

The half-life of knowledge is getting shorter and shorter. It can scare you or bring you great anticipation. Being a life entrepreneur means taking responsibility for these areas and continuously improving them. There are always new insights and every successful company is in a constant state of change and continuous modernization. This should also be the case for your company life! New scientific findings dispel misconceptions and show that quality of life can always be improved.

Not out of fear, not out of stress or pressure, but out of the knowledge that personal potential and the possible joy of life want to be developed further. Conscious self-determination is the order of the day.

Choose to be a good life entrepreneur, to lead your business life into bloom in all areas!

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