Do not just give drops on a hot stone!

Wolfgang Sonnenburg takes a critical view of non-profit charities; he takes a different approach: only with conscious profit does a movement get going that is then self-sustaining. Only when it becomes possible for the people who receive help to create profit for themselves and to develop self-sufficiently, does help really make sense: anything else would only be drops in the ocean.

Creating a winning spirit!

With his commitment, he works to make it possible for people to shape a fulfilling life for themselves. To become independent. To overcome poverty through their own efforts. In this respect, he was particularly influenced by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Wolfgang Sonnenburg conducted an interview with him in 2008, "Two against poverty", which you can watch here.

With his commitment, Wolfgang Sonnenburg wants to bring together exactly those people in a community who can manage to improve their lives together.

He is committed to helping people help themselves. For example, the Unstoppable Foundation in conjunction with We.org. An organization he recommends and which he has supported in Kenya, for example, in building a school.

Commitment to Future Skills

Wolfgang Sonnenburg is committed to taking people's skills, knowledge and awareness to a new level. With his commitment in Nigeria. With Winspiration Day , which he initiated. With the foundation of Winspiration as the path to the essential.

And because there is no real training in Germany that gives young people the knowledge and skills they will need in the future. After all, where do they learn future skills in school? - That's why Wolfgang Sonnenburg is also involved in network marketing. Because this increases people's sovereignty in an increasingly digital world.

Network marketing is an affordable way to learn to lead. Learning to be independent, learning to sell, really learning to fish. Whoever masters this need not worry that artificial intelligence will rob him of his future.

If you would like more information about Network Marketing or about his engagement, please feel free to write here to Wolfgang Sonnenburg ...