Wolfgang Sonnenburg

The best is yet to come ...

The best is yet to come ... We can transform the three pillars of our future, our humanity, our companies, our states and enrich them with meaning and freedom.

The best is yet to come ... Wolfgang Sonnenburg is convinced of this: because every human being has the possibility to shape his or her future, to take a new path, to walk on his or her own track into the future. Wolfgang Sonnenburg inspires the people who cross his path to let go of the ballast they have been brought up with, to recognize themselves, to be free, and to materialize their own essence.

Travel between worlds...

Gibraltar, Barbados, the States, South Africa, Switzerland. Wolfgang Sonnenburg is at home all over the world; he is inspired by people from very different cultures. And he leaves his own mark on these cultures as an author, speaker and coach, as an entrepreneur and investor.

As a traveler between the worlds, he feels connected to Hermes, the messenger of the gods: Hermes connects the material with the spiritual, he is equally at home in the clouds and in the world of the gods, as he stands with both feet on the earth.

Who like him can travel between the world, experiences that there is more than the 3 D world, which we can perceive with our five senses. A world that has more fullness than a person who has never had his head in the clouds, who has never traveled to his true inner self, can realize.

Kaiserland has abdicated! What must a state of the future be like?

"What kind of social system do we need so that people in a country, in the world, come into abundance? Really be free and live in prosperity?", these are the questions Wolfgang Sonnenburg asks the politicians and leaders in business and society whom he meets. And confronts them with his assessment that the existing systems, the bureaucracy, party politics, government - have simply had their day.

What must a state be like? How do the leaders of the future act? What does a world look like in which the powerful do not care about profit but about real prosperity and the quality of peace? In which the powerful are not dominated by a mindset for which there are only winners and losers? In which someone who wants to gain happiness, prosperity, freedom, does not have to defeat anyone to achieve it? A world that follows the vision: There must only be winners!

"To fall out of paradise is to see only the 3 D world, a purely materialistic world in which we live by the sweat of our brow. When you rediscover your paradise, you discover a world of abundance where matter and spirit are in harmony, creating true prosperity."

This has to stop!

A community that promotes dependency - this is a system that Wolfgang Sonnenburg opposes with his commitment as an author, speaker and coach for more personal responsibility.

For example, he finds the minimum wage debate in Germany humiliating for the people it addresses. Because this debate signals to individuals, "You can't make it on your own!" A fatal message that weakens people. This disparaging way of thinking that belittles people must stop!

The government's robbery of the sovereign, the people, must also stop: for example, the practice in Germany since 2015 of counting criminal services against the gross domestic product in order to be able to justify a higher national debt on this basis in accordance with EU law. Or the habit of municipalities and cities to already include fines from speed camera campaigns in their budgets. Which shows: Such actions are not about road safety, but purely about making money. So it's a raid ...

Wolfgang Sonnenburg is committed to a polity in which politicians see themselves as the extended arm of the sovereign, struggling to the best of their ability to fulfill the mandate they have received from their constituents. Struggling to attain a higher consciousness in order to manifest the good for the future. This would be a polity in which there would be no professional politicians. Because having to live permanently from politics promotes corruption. This would be a constitution of a political community in which the damage that a politician may do is justiciable.

And therefore this must stop, that the sovereign, the people, is curtailed in its sovereignty.

Get out of the 3 D world ...

As a boy from a poor background, he had made it far in the world. He studied law and built up a successful law firm in Hamburg. He moved millions, had the best business address, visited only the most expensive restaurants ...

Wolfgang Sonnenburg was not happy despite his entrepreneurial success. He lived a facade behind which it was empty and dreary. His life - a golden hamster wheel. He lacked meaning and felt burned out. He was, as he then realized, corrupted by success and mutated into a cost manager.

Thus, the most important thing in life slipped through his fingers, second by second, day by day: his lifetime. Until he realized: There is more to life than the 3 D world and being on trained paths. He made a radical decision: he gave up his old, other-directed, ego- and money-driven life. He even accepted millions in liabilities. From this position he recognized that it is a matter of not betraying one's own nature, but of bringing one's own essence, one's own true self to blossom.