Keynotes by Wolfgang Sonnenburg

"I enjoyed Mr. Sonnenburg's wealth of experience."

Dr. Dieter Fröhlich, Honorary President of the German Franchise Association

Whether as an experienced speaker, as an inspiring voice at panel discussions or in personal discussions with decision-makers and influential personalities worldwide - Wolfgang Sonnenburg's public work is a powerful plea for freedom and a greater awareness of the wealth of possibilities that people can manifest in their lives.

Keynote for a better world

"Don't make an effort to do justice to the system - make an effort to create a just system!"

What is the state? What is a good state? What is good leadership? What does it mean to lead with wisdom?

Wolfgang Sonnenburg is convinced that it is precisely the leaders of our world, the leaders in states, in companies, in our society, who should build a world in which it is possible for everyone to become happy and rich in harmony with their very own essence.

His message to governments and those in power: "Your job is to create the framework conditions in which the Human Development Index is based not only on financial prosperity, but also on the fulfillment of life. Your responsibility is to move to a higher level and escape a mindset that is trapped in polarities."

Keynote for a richer life

Free at last, finally in abundance!

Prosperity, happiness, freedom. If you seize the opportunities that lie within you, if you focus your life on an inspiring vision, all of this is possible.

In his keynote for a life of freedom and abundance, Wolfgang Sonnenburg inspires his audience to stop hiding their own personal light under a bushel and to connect matter and spirit. A keynote that changes and has the power to make a difference in the world - to make life better.