What does Anne Will want?

Yesterday, the two souls in my chest had a chance to compete. I had a quick look at Anne Will and one of them was happy to hear that the topic that has been occupying me intensively since 2002, what do we do with the kids in welfare families, has now finally reached her as well.

After all, this question was the trigger for the start of the Winspiration Days.
So the one soul could cheer, finally it comes on the agenda.

But the other soul was excited, indignant and sad.

I used to be someone who said that if you want something in life, you just have to want it. That's still true today. No pain, no gain" has its justification. And we also know from brain research that 10,000 exercises change it "up there" and we become experts,
because talent alone is not enough.

But for the kids, this is not yet the real issue. In 2002, when we discussed what we could do to help change the fate of these children for the better, we quickly realized that classic goal-achievement seminars, which we initially wanted to donate, were of no use here.

The children are far away from goals and from really wanting.
They already lack images and inspiration of what would be possible at all.

That's how the idea of Winspiration Day was born. If the whole country has at least one national, real inspirational day, then every child gets it.

And we took off. Thanks to social media, we can now spread the idea much easier and faster. Through Bleep and other films and blogs, many people have heard that meditating together by 4,000 people in Washington has reduced crime by 25%.

What if in a city like Berlin, that's where Will Media's studio is, the whole city is constructive and inspiring on Winspiration Day. It would be felt by every kid and they would have experiences. In Berlin on Winspiration Day we have kids from the street with us.

It's a pity, and it's sad, that the TV shows are more about how to cause trouble among the guests so that the ratings go up.

Anne don't you even want to constructively create an action of all parties involved in such a situation that helps? If we have such dispute programs, what are the kids supposed to learn?

Anne what do you want? Just quota? Oprah accomplished more by trying to be constructive. Maybe an idea for you and the kids too. Win Win.


Wolfgang Sonnenburg
winning for life

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