Life = Risk

The disaster in Japan, as bad as it is, shows us a difference in the way people think or believe.

Disasters are widely publicized in the media and we lose a sense of the "reality" of how bad something really is. I call it real data - feel data comparison. Similar to perceived temperature and real temperature. Or we all know that time can "pass differently".

In Japan, people cope better with misfortune because, among other things, their religion leads them to believe that nature is nature and that they will never have it under control.

That is why they accept natural disasters differently than we do.

The Best Motivational Video - Life = Risk:

Always be aware that life is deadly.

But we can certainly influence what happens between birth and death.

Where there's a will there's a way and faith can move mountains!
Do we know this, but do we live it?

We always live according to our beliefs, even if we are not aware of them.

Take care of yourself and your faith.

Be inspired,


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

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