That's where the action was

A few years ago, I flew to America once a quarter to spend a day with strategy coach Dan Sullivan in Chicago. We were a group of 50 people traveling from different countries and cities.

Then he had a clear program that he had created over the years and now carried out in various courses.

Before I was allowed to take part, I had to provide proof of income.

Dan organized the participants into groups according to their income. There were the 100,000, the 200,000, the 500,000 and the millionaire groups. The same program was taught in all groups.

Why this division? And above all, why did the participants in the higher income groups have to pay a higher daily rate?

In which group would you prefer to participate?

It's not just the content that matters, but the group that makes the difference.

Dan was once approached by a 100,000 person: He said it was unfair that the people earning millions earned so much, because they were not as good as the 100,000s, "we 100,000s are much better".

Dan agreed with him: "Yes, you're better, but when I give the Mio people a tip, they try it out, they act. You 100,000s start arguing with me.
That's the difference."

And I am happy to confirm that it was a special feeling of power to sit
in a group of 50 income millionaires .
It was a real buzz.

That is why there are sometimes different prices.

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