Being - Doing - Having

The concept of Being Doing Having is really nothing new
and you might ask yourself why, after
millennia, it is still not consciously practiced.

Is it forbidden? Is it still a secret?
After The Secret, hardly. But it doesn't matter how
many DVDs are sold, how many visitors watch
educational films, a change
is not achieved enough.

Steven Covey once wrote that before 1920,
character traits were seen as the basis for success.
He spoke of a character ethic. After that, the
world switched to image ethics.
So you could say that about 100 hundred years ago
it was all about 180%? To having doing being?

Now this much-cited way of living from the outside in
has probably existed for as long as humans have been on this
planet. Logically, we see dangers on the outside,
food etc. and so we begin to consider what is on the outside to be decisive in order to ensure our survival

In many areas, e.g. in medicine, we are only making progress
because we can use microscopes to visualize small viruses,
bacteria. It's such a
classic sentence, I only believe it when I see it.
Which is of course nonsense, because when I see it,
I no longer need to believe it, then I know.

But knowledge doesn't seem to make much difference.
I have been offering millionaire workshops and
seminars for many years now. The fact that there are millionaires is
probably known to most people.
So why doesn't everyone go there?
Beliefs, "can't do it, won't go to heaven",
can of course be a reason.
But the fact that millions play the lottery suggests
that it's more about looking for a shortcut to
achieve it via a trick, a ticket.
It is also alarming that around 80% of lottery millionaires
lose their winnings again and are often
worse off after two years than before. So from having to being
works out at best for perhaps 20%.
Is this chance so great for many that they don't
go about it properly?
Going to the casino with a chance of 20:80 means
ruin for most people.
And in real life? Probably the same, maybe not
ruin but a lower lifestyle.

Only being really means being an "other".
Because the cell chemistry, the brain pathways
have to change. At the
Winspiration Day 2010 Award event
we just had the brilliant lecture by Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer,
who explained very clearly that we have to form new synapses
if we want to think differently and be able to act differently
. The study of professional musicians
has shown that 10,000 hours of practice are the basis.
Malcolm Gladwell explained this very well in his book Überflieger
. So the problem or solution
(two sides of the same coin) is not just to know, but to do
actively and permanently. In the Goalachiever program by
Bob Proctor and myself there is an important sentence: With goals
it is less important what you get, but what you
become, who you become.

So, if we focus more on who
we will be, what we will be able to do, then we will logically
also have the opportunity to have everything that goes with it.

This is how Prof. Yunus helped millions of poor people. Not because he gave
mini-loans, but because after initial failure he organized
that the borrowers were prepared to develop further
. They became self-employed and learned how to handle
loans and achieve economic success.
Social assistance, as in Germany, without the change of being,
leads to exactly the opposite. More and more people in need.
This cannot be solved by donations alone. Nor,
by asking millionaires to pay.

External circumstances, a system, can keep us small. But only
if we are prepared to be more can there be another system for us

Can we really imagine that we live in a
society where there are no poor people, where
cheap work can be offloaded onto them, where everyone has a high
level of education, and yet all the necessary
work is done in a society?

What kind of being should the poor learn so that they can be rich
? What kind of being should the rich learn,
so that they no longer need the poor?

What kind of being do you want to develop for yourself
in the next 10,000 hours?

Perhaps many people simply lack the
willingness to use these 10,000 hours consistently
. And that's the only reason why we haven't made any progress yet.

Knowledge is power, you thought.
Knowledge is little, skill is king.

In this sense, everyone can be king,
there is a kingdom for everyone.

Who do you want to be, what do you want to be able to do,
what new synapses do you want to form?

By the way, it's easier in a team.
Perhaps you'd like to drop by.


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

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