Winning or losing, which do you prefer?

Sounds like a rhetorical question
but it has a very real background.

After we all experienced during the so-called financial crisis
that managers wanted high bonuses although they had driven
companies to the wall, we
encountered many people who, on the subject of millionaires or
Winning Spirit, thought we had slept through the zeitgeist
because winning was out.

In a personal conversation, it happened again
that someone told me that winning was not
important. Things don't always have to get better. Many things are good the way they are
and you don't always have to want "more"
. Well, as you know, I don't quite share this view
or let's put it in the classic
lawyer's answer: it depends.

What does it depend on? On the interpretation of the word
win and the underlying intention of the statement!
If we think with win only the variant, someone
else should lose, win independently of the quality
e.g. with a financial investment, then it can become problematic.

But if we wanted to convey to the universe, it has
expanded enough and it is enough now, we could probably not influence
it. Thus still applies in the universe,
there is no standstill. He who rests, rusts says the
vernacular. The dream, we would have to do nothing more, we in
the western world can remain on a high level "standstill"
, will remain a dream and could develop to a
nightmare. If standing still does not exist,
winning is frowned upon, what is left?
So in the conversation I asked the question: honestly,
do you like to lose? What if you only lost for the rest of
your life, would you like it?
No one finds it good, even my interlocutor was
honest enough to admit that it would not be great.

Whether we are playing "Mensch ärgere dich nicht," in a
competition, watching our favorite club, winning
is more enjoyable than losing. What prevents us from accepting this honestly
? Because we are afraid to lose? If we compete
and don't make it, what then? For some
this idea then seems so bad that they would rather
not try. To me it makes more sense to have tried
than never to have competed. And I believe that
is the same for all people deep inside. So it is also said
again and again, at the end of life we regret more the
things we didn't do than the things we might have considered wrong.

So we probably regret more not having gone for something,
what we should have gone for in the first place. And this is probably
the big difference between winning and winning.
Wanting to win doesn't make sense if it's about something
you don't actually want. To
follow externally determined goals or as it is called today, to be too strongly extrinsically motivated
leads to wrong results. The intrinsic motivation
is crucial. But then it is necessary to compete and make the best
of oneself that is possible. In this sense,
winning means learning, getting better, wanting to develop.
Winning, not always only in competition with others, but
especially with oneself. New me wins over old me!
If I gain experience, no one else has to lose experience.

Winning Spirit or the spiritual way of winning is
a creative form of winning!
In my book Millionaire Spirit I also quoted Yogi Bahjan
the late spiritual and worldly leader
of Kundalini Yoga, "You should be rich, you have no
right to be poor. The shocking truth regarding
wealth is that it is shockingly right and
not shockingly wrong to be rich."

Translated to today's topic, I interpret it now,
it is shockingly wrong not to want to be a winner.
So the real question is merely: is my offer
to the world good enough that there is demand for it.

To explain it with an example, if someone wants to have the highest
house in the place, we can probably easily agree
that we don't like it if the person flattens all the other houses to reach his goal
. But if someone
develops a new technology and this makes it possible to build higher
houses, it looks different. So it is not
simple to demonize winning in general, but to provide the kind
of winning with an ever improving quality.

And whether we like it or not, the universe is still expanding
and we can't vote on whether or not progress
takes place. If we reject it here, development
will take place in Abu Dhabi or China. We will always feel the effects

So, what is better, to lose or to win?
It's better to learn to win in a good way, to participate in progress, to help shape it.

Therefore, we felt once again confirmed to keep our
seminar title "Winning Spirit" and our motto
"winning in life".

And be honest with yourself.

Where do you like to win?
Then please go for it too.


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

winning in life

P.S winning can be fun!

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