pay yourself first! own time and sense of self

Now the dilemma begins again. These days we will be reminded by our environment and also by our inner voice:
"Plan well for the next year; Have good resolutions!"
Year after year, we have experienced that many of the "desired" has not come true. The fitness studios live from the fact that many good intentions are signed, but the bodies do not arrive at the gym. It's kind of weird that there are many business models today that are built on not fulfilling the promise made. After all, what if everyone really did go to the gym. Overbooked! In the case of flights, what if all passengers actually wanted to fly on the date ordered? Overbooked! All people would park properly and only cross the street when the light is green? The budget of the city, the country even more over-indebted because the bus fines are planned for the budget!
What is the reason for this dilemma?
Well, failure can have many parents. 
In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, there are always several points that could be singled out.
However, there are so-called key points or as I like to call them:
Sticking points.
One of the most important sticking points is the ability to pay oneself first. By that, I could also mean the "debt crisis," because there, too, we only ever talk about whom we pay from the others. In the money area, the idea of paying yourself is already more widespread. In my Millionaire Spirit seminars, however, the air always boiled the strongest on the topic, can you pay yourself before you pay others?
Today, for me, it's not about money. It's about the ability to really take care of yourself first. Have you ever noticed that on the airplane before takeoff there is always the notice: "In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of pressure, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. Please always put yourself on first, then help!"
Is nevertheless really times a consideration worth, why one must show a living being like us, which has an own survival instinct, over and over again the request, supply first yourselves!
In the case of mothers, it may be hormones that cause the statement to be repeated over and over again.
In my seminars, however, it is not the hormones that make it so difficult to pay yourself first. To keep at least 10% of the money, for yourself! For always!
Why do the so-called good resolutions not work out? Because they are mostly thoughts like: I should, you should, "externally controlled" topics, often connected with feelings of guilt. But it is logical that deadlines set in this way, contracts signed, do not last very long. Most of us have been trained: "What do you want others to think of you?"
And so it happens that we have to learn again to pay attention to what is most important and to dare to tackle what is good for us and to implement it.
Always remember:
"The main thing is that the main thing remains the main thing!
So check yourselves now, what is your planning for 2012? How do you start it? What do you write in the calendar first? What kind of dates?
If you really "pay yourself" first, then all your private goals are first on the calendar.
Do you plan your job/business around your life or do you plan your life around your job?
Paying yourself means planning every day, every week, every month, every year so that your "net own time," as multiple Olympic champion Felix Gottwald calls it, is the most important date on your calendar!
What goals are really important for you in 2012?!
Are they self-determined or externally determined?
If they are then clearly self-determined, then they belong first in the calendar. They are you, they are your life. If you put them in the back, they often fall behind...
A good life consists of a lot of "net self-life". Moreover, the clearer we are in this respect, the more fulfilled and prosperous we can be, because we then tackle resolutions that benefit our real life.
This has nothing to do with self-centeredness (negative egoism), but with personal responsibility. From the responsible position, you can support others much better. If you put on the oxygen mask, then you can permanently help others.
If you lose yourself, you have lost your life.
In this sense, if you pay yourself first, you live your life.
The fewer abandoned resolutions, the more self-esteem rises,
the self-(self)consciousness.
Now is the time again for planning 2012!
How much of your own time have you already scheduled?
Who, what do you write first, as the most important thing in your calendar?
I wish you a lot of "EigenZeit" and "EigenSinn" in 2012!

Live your Purpose and the world will be a healthier,
happier and more prosperous place!
winning for life
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