What if the king is missing?

Wulff - Kleine Zeitung ©AP
Just I wanted to sit down again and "throw" a new blog, still following the previous topic Eigenzeit.
But then, at the same moment, I encountered so many reports on the "Wulf affair" that I thought this might be a sign to write something about it.
I was already back in the either/or mindset. But I am a fan of both and. Well then, I'll write something on both topics.
First, the turn of the year and new goals. Here I have noticed in many conversations that with new goals for many no really new goal seems possible. Or there are big "mistakes", what a new goal is. For example, if you want a new car, the car is new, but not the goal. Old known only to the repeated time executed is no new goal. Repetitions are not a new goal!
Then I spoke many who wanted something bigger or more expensive or more income. Is this a new goal? Also no, just a modification of an old goal, in the end not really new after all.
What's really new for a change? 
Something that was previously unthinkable. What was outside the usual thinking. A change of direction, tackling something that may have triggered fear until now.
Paradigm Shift. What will really be different for you in 2012? What real good resolution, which did not exist in your life so far, will you implement?
Do and dare something really new!
Courage, that's the key word that also concerns me in the Wulff issue. In Germany, everyone seems to dare to talk about politicians and their supposed mistakes in a style that often lacks any respect.
But this is not only the case with politicians. We all still remember the killer tomatoes, etc.. It was worked in a language style, without consideration of losses, mainly to get circulation, almost at any price. Vegetable producers had millions in damages. Freedom of the press and the right to generate circulation with headlines, however, are two different issues. You don't have to write killer tomatoes if you want to educate the population to wash vegetables. Sales are killed and recession warned!? Do we still notice this discrepancy?
Today everything is more dramatic than before. 
The stock market lost -1% in one day and already it's a crash. A politician makes a mistake and it's already an affair. In the case of Wulff, there was talk of an affair right at the beginning, when it was not yet known exactly what was going on.
Strauss-Kahn has not been charged in New York. But how was it portrayed in the press when he was arrested? Stern immediately had a big article about the victim's family. Now, I studied law. And in German criminal law there is a very clear rule that as long as the accused cannot be clearly proven to have committed the crime, the presumption of innocence applies.
Was it really a rape or perhaps a conspiracy. We do not know! We were not there! But we like to form a quick opinion about killer men and financial automatons and not a real judgment after weighing the facts, because we usually do not have them.
I would like to show a different aspect than usual here.
If one deals with arch-types, then one learns that there is, among other things, the type (function) king and the type mage. The role of the magician was always important, even with a strong king, because someone had to be able to tell him the truth, which the minions at court did not do. So with the classical archetypes. And then there are the energetic differences: White and black archetypes (good or evil).
The Fool in the Middle Ages - maxx-hoenow.de
If now in a society the Achetyp king is missing (and in Germany he is missing not only from the legal form of the state, but also from the energy and personality), thus this place is not occupied, then the magician takes over the leading role.
And in modern society the press has the role of the magician (the court jester). And so it depends very much, is it a white magician or a black magician? And how is it today?
Yes, I know it's a rhetorical question. The dark side dominates.
But it should be clear to us, the dark ones can only ever dominate because we let them, because we buy those black editions.
So we could go nevertheless times perhaps with a resolution into the new year, I do not let myself be influenced by black (whether press or whoever), see clearly the reasons and energies (white or black) and stand clearly for white!
You see, it's not about
It's not about someone who has missed something getting away with it. It's about how we can banish prejudice from our daily lives. How we can stand up with inner strength for what we really want.

What's the Purpose?
What is it really about?
Why should it really go in your year 2012.
Maybe yes times completely new, really for you and your values to stand and live and to exchange for it your lifetime. No matter what the black magicians say!
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