sustainable success is based on a "different way of thinking

Sustainable success is based on a different way of thinking, which for most people meansa 180-degree mental turnaround .

This statement is not so new, but I was asked again and again,
what do you mean by that?
Well, let's try to explain it this way:
Not long ago, the Tagesschau reported about a boy,
, who had written 130 applications and did not get an apprenticeship.
The conclusion at the time was that times were bad.

What does it mean to think 180 degrees the other way around now?
Perhaps I should say that it is enough to think at all.
Because the Tagesschau's statement is total nonsense.
Why? Because: In front of me stands a woman, to whom I say, I am interested,
to marry you and I communicated this idea still 129 other women.
How excited will this woman be to marry me?
It is exactly the other way around, because the boy writes 130 applications and tells
each potential employer, you are not important to me at all,
he does not get a job!!
My friend Jens Krautscheid had the following case in his pharmacy:
Why do you want an apprenticeship here?
"Because the savings bank didn't take me," was the answer.
Great motive.

Life is really simple to make successful.
Only the simple is not easy for most. Think clearly!
Think at all! "Mindactivity" is not thinking.

Think consciously! Think through the statements you hear on TV
(or what you read here) and don't fall for the nonsense,
that is often spread in the news anymore.

In the daily news it was said also once, a 55j?hrige finds no place,
now it is past, it is too old and has no more chance.
Such a nonsense and it is already nearly a crime to spread something like that.
Statistically seen, this humans can become easily 80 to 90 years old!
That are approx. 30 years, which lie before it.
Why should a person no longer have a chance in 30 years?!
And just one year later, the economy is already discussing where it can get skilled workers
and how it can get back to the knowledge and ability of the "old people".

Please do not judge what they say in the news.

Life is full of opportunities for emotional fulfillment
and economic success.

Please think only what makes sense.


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

winning for life


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