Myth Millionaire

I have just moved from Gibraltar to Zurich
and in this context
was often asked why I gave up "life in the
sun". It usually sounded like if I were
a millionaire, I wouldn't come back after all.

Admittedly, when I was still in the professional stress
of my law firms, I also had the thought,
if I could, I would hit the sack, go
to the Caribbean and spend the rest of my life on the beach.

What has become so different now that I am going back to work?

Before I explain this more exactly, to the topic myth
still the reference that due to the emotional
occupation of the word millionaire, most humans
cannot count at all any longer correctly, and/or it
not do. Is thought nevertheless usually, a millionaire
can afford everything and does not have to work.
Here a simple calculation for the citizens in Germany, this
might be however in the other German-speaking countries similarly:

A Hartz IV receiver - family with 2 children
receives over 1,800, -.
A million invested brings today approx. 2% interest,
which corresponds to 20,000, - in the year and only 1,666, - in the month,
from which however still taxes and insurance must be deducted

So, if one has only one million on the account,
one lives worse than a Hartz IV receiver and
must still witness, how the inflation reduces the invested
money in the value.

You have to have many millions today if you
want to go into voluntary unemployment and
want to live off your assets for many years. And here
we already have the next misconception. Again and again
I encounter the idea that if you have a lot of money,
you don't have to do anything.

Wrong, the work is just different.
Everyone has seen how bankers can destroy money
. So what does one do with the money
in order to make it bear fruit? There one
must learn then as a rule something. And then manage the assets
. So also work, because otherwise the money
as with most millionaires is gone again quickly.

Is nevertheless well-known that 80% of the Lottomillionäre
in few years their money lost. With artists,
sportsmen, Networkern, who get very fast much money,
is to be observed this likewise.

As Kiyosaki, author of the book series
Rich Dad, Poor Dad, always says:
If you don't have money, you have problems,
and if you're rich, you have problems too.

If you have a lot of liquidity at your disposal, you can buy
things that the average wage earner
may never be able to get his hands on.
But you can only buy matter.
Paul McCartney already sang with the Beatles:
"Can't buy me Love.

Somehow actually clear to all, the symbols
(car, house, yacht, etc.) to emulate,
does not bring the experience, which one actually looks for,
certainly not the feeling of true happiness,
true fulfillment and love.
And then nevertheless the questions come, why come
you back to the north, why do you still work?

As if you only want or need to work,
for the money. My friend and mentor Bob Proctor
always says quite forcefully:
"Never work for the money, but please work only for
emotional fulfillment."

But that's not how we were raised. The whole
education system is focused on learning a profession,
an activity. But not to look for and support the
Depak Chopra told his children:
"Please think about what is your special
gift that you want to bring to the world.
Please don't worry about money.
I will take care of you. Please worry about
what you want to give to the community."

Those who understand this will understand that
the children became financially independent quite early.
But precisely on the basis of a vocation.

Success is the result of..., so the
money will also follow if we follow our calling.
At Win Win AG, we therefore always speak of PurposeFinding at

When we have recognized our personal Purpose, our
special essence, our gift (where the gift, there is the task)
, then we build on it the activities
and develop a "business model", how the
PurposeLife can be financed. So far it always works.

My thesis, my experience is, without living out of
the Purpose, there is no fulfillment.
Burn Out is nothing else than to live against the Purpose
, because in harmony with the Purpose
the "work" brings energy!

And so perhaps it also becomes clear why there are people
who do voluntary work and also multi-millionaires,
even billionaires, who like to work from early in the morning until late
in the evening. They live their purpose, they do
what brings them fulfillment, whether they have money or not.

Warren E. Buffett, one of the richest men in the world,
on whom we orient ourselves in our investment courses,
is such a man, who works for the joy of what he does.
He increases the assets of his company and donates billions.
And in a personal meeting I could convince myself of
his personal modesty.

So for once, a good question
dear blog reader to ask yourself is:
"What would I work if I didn't have to work for the money

So not as usual, what would you do,
if you had money and did not have to work?
But rather, what would you like to do every day, what
would you like to get up for if you had money?

I have experienced it, this not having to work and
living in yet also great luxury.
But I have seen it in the Bahamas, Marbella and
other places. The so-called dropouts
become alcoholics after two years or start doing something again

After all, living is a tu word.
So why am I coming back north to work?

Because I want to do life,
because I want to live fulfilled.

One vision I am involved in is Winspiration Day.
An international focus day on positivity,
on our potential,
on the joy of life and the opportunities that the
changes in the world always bring.

If you also like this idea, please
click "like" me on Facebook:

Thank you!

Back to the myth.

Now please do not think I am against a lot of money.
Far from it. We advise people to make
more successful.

But the money is only there to live more comfortably.
It is more comfortable with money.
But money itself does not bring fulfillment,
Being a millionaire does not free you from living your purpose
in active activity.

So I wish you to find or
have already found the activity that you like to do every day,
no matter how much money you have in the account.


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

winning for life


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