Whose battery are you using - and who is using your battery?

Many people experience that there are areas when they are there that they feel tired and listless afterwards. For example, sometimes they are charged up when they meet with people, and sometimes they all feel. That there is food that brings "digestive rigidity" and there is food that energizes. We all know this, but often don't take it seriously enough. We realize it and accept that we are not the only ones - "The others feel the same way!" - instead of taking a really close look: What recharges me? What gives me strength?

For example, when I work a lot in a workshop with my own energy, I often notice that I am exhausted in the evening. But if I know that energy is everywhere in the room, the whole universe is full of energy - why am I using up my energy? If instead I am "docked" to the universe, if I allow all the energy to flow through me, then I am fully energized throughout the day and recharged in the evening.

Sometimes my computer is at my desk, plugged into a power outlet, and my cell phone is plugged into the computer, and that's how it charges. This means that only one device is plugged into the socket and the other device draws power from the other device, the computer.

And there are (still) so many people in the world who say, I don't want to use my own battery, I can "plug in" somewhere else. That might work for a while if the other person you "plug into" really has a good energy supply. I once had my cell phone lying by my bed because I wanted to look something up and had plugged it into the computer. Then I fell asleep and when I woke up, the computer was empty and the cell phone was charged!

The computer battery was flat because it wasn't plugged in. And that's when I realized: If I don't allow all the energy to really flow through me, then I can be made all! And I realized that there are also devices or even people who don't connect to the universal energy themselves, but want the energy from me ... or from you! Pay attention to that! You can have an endless amount of energy if you are docked to the huge energy of the entire energy field. And you can run out very, very quickly if you are not connected yourself, and especially if you allow others to recharge their batteries with you. There is enough for everyone. The universal energy is enough for everyone. But: are we using it?


Yours sincerely,
Wolfgang Sonnenburg
winning for life

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