Tears of happiness - a letter to an employee

Dear Margarete,

Today I would like to tell you about something classically "unmanly".

You've probably had an emotional moment while watching a movie, reading a book or somewhere else that brought tears to your eyes.

Sometimes we wipe away the tears bashfully at such moments and are happy that it's dark in the movie theater.
Most of the time, we prefer to be alone when we cry. At least in our western culture.

Tears can be a sign of pain or happiness. And sometimes we even feel the two opposites at the same time. When these poles unite, we feel love and so we can also say that there are tears of love.
When was the last time you shed tears of love? For me, it was in February.
After many years of collecting and testing all kinds of ideas for success, blockade release and break-through techniques, I always lacked a complete picture for the many pieces of the mosaic.

We all know that we think in pictures and need a "world view". Then in February it happened. When I read Prof. Gunter Dueck's Topothesie, all the pieces fell into place. It was an overwhelming moment and the tears rolled down my face. It was deeply emotional to meet myself so clearly and to be given a picture that makes it easier for everyone to recognize their purpose, success and wrong decisions can be easily explained and the investment behaviour of different people can suddenly be assigned with crystal clarity.

I have been able to present this "picture" to several people around me and each time it was emotional.
Everyone was able to recognize their "blind spot" in a simple way, the wounds that led us to avoidance strategies that prevented us from being deeply connected with ourselves and thus also the deep joy of life. The joy of BEING in life!

Tears of happiness! are now also expected at the WINNING SPIRT weekend, as the "new picture" will be made available to all participants and will accompany them over time. The impact on private life, business and investment decisions will be shown to all participants in WINNING SPIRT, on BTC Day and on Money Evening.
Perhaps we should also have tissues ready this time.

At the meeting with the CEOs last Saturday, I was able to indirectly check the "picture". It was fascinating to see how everything fits. Feel free to share this information with others in the conversations.

WIN WIN behavior becomes clearer and may many people benefit from it.

Thank you for your work.



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