for Life!

A week of extraordinary intensity: The best methods and techniques to reach emotional and persoal fulfillment. Recognize patterns; accept the shadow; change from re-action to action and from fear to love.

Experience deep personal transformation in an intensive week – and live a life of personal freedom!

The Best of …

  • Millionaire Spirit
  • Business Development
  • Business Success in the 21st Century
  • Soul Power
  • Hypno Power
  • Purpose Finding
  • Energy Work
  • Meditation
  • Forgiveness

The methods, however, are not our focus: We focus on results! Power up your soul, and then … full speed ahead! Participants decide on their own about those areas they want to improve.

The Scout Team

  • Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg
  • Patricia Sonnenburg
  • Britta Bauer
  • Steve Harvey
  • Priska Portmann

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During the optional 6-month follow-up, you’ll have indirect access to the scouts’ business network.

Accept the essence of your self – develop a clear life goal and your very own life sentence – use implementation techniques and act successfully and profitably by shifting your paradigms!


Upcoming Dates

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To participate, write directly to Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg: