Sonnenburg's disc theory

Don't be afraid, I have no intention to jump on the long outdated theory of a flat earth or earth disk and to drive you away with it immediately yawning bored. On the contrary, it is a need for me today to share a special insight with you!

Recently I spoke with my friend Herwig. He confided in me with concern that he is feeling more and more like he is aging and thus feels more susceptible to health problems. He, who is considered a confident frequent flyer, is now suddenly thinking twice about every air trip, as flights have been causing him extreme physical and fitness problems for some time. This topic seemed to occupy him intensively, to be very close to his heart. To my astonishment, I experienced Herwig on this day quite irritated, almost disturbed and definitely not in his center. Surprising, because he has been eating extremely mindfully for years, cares lovingly for himself and above all consciously pays attention to his health. That's why I thought it was time to tell him my point of view regarding his concerns by means of my "disc theory".

Imagine you are in your car, driving at a fast pace. And suddenly it goes "clack" - and an unsightly spot has appeared on your windshield. How do you react? Irritated, annoyed, struck in your sense of aesthetics? I think that will depend. Namely, on what condition your windshield is in. If you turned into a car wash just before you left, in order to have a clear and unobstructed view on your journey, and after 8 kilometers have been covered, the stain lands directly in front of you, right above the steering wheel, then you will probably be irritated and possibly annoyed. The beautiful, shiny and bright windshield - defaced. You will just stare obsessively at this spot for the rest of the drive, possibly making it the focus of your thoughts. However, if you started this drive with an already smeared and definitely not clean windshield due to time constraints, then a newly added spot right in front of you will hardly catch your eye or occupy your thoughts.

As always in life, it depends on the initial situation and very special circumstances. Because: The more we pay attention to ourselves in terms of internal and external lifestyle, the "purer" and "clearer" we are as a result, the more sensitive we will react to impurities of any kind. We will sense much faster than before when we have eaten something wrong. We will immediately perceive when we are in rooms that are not energetically suitable for us. We will also feel quickly if we have energetically lower vibrating people around us. But this is the "price" that has to be paid for a higher and higher vibration: an increasing sensitivity for the energies surrounding us. A certain discomfort in crowds - such as in airplanes, where diverse energies meet and mix in the smallest space.

And that is exactly what I explained to Herwig! I was and am convinced that his sensitivities have absolutely nothing to do with his age. Herwig has permanently increased his vibration during his life, especially during the last years, by healthy thoughts and equally healthy activities. Logically, this affects his reactions concerning his environment. If our environments develop less quickly or on a different frequency than we do, then an energetic discrepancy automatically arises. Herwig is not old, he vibrates high!

How can we best deal with this in everyday life and in our lives? Well, the art is to always keep the disc clean for us and to continue to work constantly on our vibration. After all, turning back or stopping on this path is not an option. We have to accept and understand that there are different vibrations and accept them as best we can. Live with them. In no case should we become a despiser of people or not go out among people at all. And certainly we should not always blame "the others", but also consciously accept our own responsibility. If we have internalized this for ourselves, we can also love the flies that have defaced our windshield. After all, it was we who drove too fast and thus caused their tragic end on our car ...

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