Lateral thinking versus authentic creativity

At first, I thought about whether I should title this article "The nonsense of lateral thinking".
How do you feel about thinking laterally? It's so strongly recommended in the business world.
At best, you'll look left and right and hopefully you won't become a lateral thinker. In any case, the request to "think laterally" means that you should look outside yourself. Have you ever seen the light? Where was it?
Outside or inside you?
Of course, I don't want you to walk through the world with your eyes closed. You should also perceive the outside.
If you go through life consciously, mindfully and perceptively, then your conscious and subconscious mind will take everything in anyway. If you want to be creative, don't consciously think outside the box. It's far too exhausting and has poorer results. Authentic creativity comes from within, from the flow. Jesus said that we should become like children again. This refers above all to our brain waves. More alpha waves, less beta. So pay attention, if you are to become creative, if you are asked to think outside the box, in the area of beta waves it does not work or the results are not good. All the latest research on creativity clearly shows that "deliberate" creativity produces poorer results. Especially when there are targeted rewards. Always leads in the wrong direction. The so-called banking crisis is also just the result of misguided "creativity". Beta creativity to increase bonuses makes the same mistake as cancer: it kills the host on which it lives. Lasting, substance-enhancing creativity must be authentic and purpose-related. Brings more and better results. That's why Google also asks its employees to spend 20% of their working time on tasks they have chosen themselves that are not part of their normal work. Brought great inventions, such as gmail and goolge earth etc.
We know the unintentional intention from Far Eastern philosophies. This is roughly how authentic creativity is to be understood. It is there without being intentionally creative. Did you ever play with saucepans as a child? What did the saucepan represent? Did you ever use a badminton racket as a guitar or something similar? You weren't intentionally creative, you just were. And if you could do it then, you can still do it now. You're not missing anything, you've just stopped using the "muscle" and it may have gone slack. So allow yourself to be creative again.
The most important skill is courage and not intelligence (which, by the way, can also be trained). Courage to be = brain vibrates in the alpha range. Many artists take drugs to be creative, to get out of the beta range, the stress of demands. Find peace without drugs. Allow yourself to be a child again and it will work. By the way, it's fun and brings authentic creativity and not actually fun, but deep authentic joy. Develop yourself, get out of your shell and rediscover yourself and your creativity.
Life is easier than we allow it to be.
The companies that have understood this and allow their employees to do so have above-average success and returns. Parents who allow their children to learn authentically are amazed that the kids learn with enthusiasm and ease. It's just the way we are by nature. But unfortunately we are no longer allowed to be natural and grow, we are "brought up" and expected to "think outside the box".
Live authentically, the rest will take care of itself.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg
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