I swear to avert harm from the people, so help me ... (someone) ...!

So, and ... is anyone helping now? Do they not let themselves be helped or are they false "friends," who help? Or is not to help them?

Dear friends of the win-win idea,

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. I see everything as historical developments. But sometimes you have to end them or turn them around 180 degrees!

Today I would like to write about the fact that we need different politicians, at least different behavior. Whether the current ones can do it at all, I dare to doubt, because they are shaped differently.

What is now called gross domestic product used to be called gross social product. The name has been changed - I hope not because of me, because I once called it gross social product. The word "domestic product" is nicely value-free. And that's exactly the problem. Everything for which you can write invoices is counted as domestic product. And according to the Maastricht Treaty, the level of domestic product is the measure of officially allowed debt. 60% debt to GDP ratio.

But no one really adheres to this now, and the German government has also ignored the blue letters that used to be customary. But if GDP is the measure of debt, then it is understandable that driving up GDP allows freer government action. Since September 1, 2015, "criminal benefits" have also been counted in GDP. On that day, the law reduced the average debt level of countries in the EU by 2.5%. Ingenious economics!

To clarify:

More cigarette smuggling, for example, increases the gross domestic product with the consequence that the country is officially allowed to go into (more) debt against it. Dear children and grandchildren, please be excited about these politicians who secure your future by making more criminal performance desirable in order to be able to leave you debt. Horny security!

It's almost perverse. "I swear, damage ..."

About 20 years ago, I noticed for the first time that in the budget of the city of Hamburg, about 5 million were earmarked for fines such as wrong parking, running red lights, etc.. That's when I experienced an intense paradigm shift: They don't want me to behave correctly at all! They plan the misbehavior fully at the beginning of the year and then need it.

Lack of creativity on the part of politicians for other solutions leads to such nonsensical hole-stopping solutions. But as usual, it doesn't stop at short-term plugging. If no one cries out, then they continue to do this crap. In 2017, this budget item was already over 20 million. Wait ... did I just write "amounted" - was not intentional, yet is it not? Aren't we being cheated when we have to pay fines that are desperately needed to make up for politicians' lack of creativity to find other solutions?

20 million were just the classic traffic offenses. A total of probably 80 million if penalties from other crimes are added.

"I swear to avert harm!" - Can this be true if the buses are scheduled and needed? In USA, communities lack money for prison construction. Private investors are willing to finance at assured return. So the community promises that the jail will always be full. So a world without misbehavior must not be at all.

We need other politicians who have the courage to make a 180-degree turnaround here. Fines or penalties must not be planned away and would be better spent on the victims or otherwise for the common good. Preferably in measures to reduce this nonsense.

Politicians, learn the Universal Laws! On the level of duality there is a solution to every problem!

So there is also the possibility of having a bigger budget on better quality bases.

Who in the cabinet is responsible for this? Why is there no opposition demanding this? Because we citizens are looking the other way. We ignore what is being done to our country with our future. Most of the time, the silent majority is more responsible than an erring minority. Especially if we still elect them.

How about we dare to demand a better behavior. A purpose-oriented policy, and we give the purpose! This said Robert F. Kennedy in his speech about the "true wealth of nations" on 18.03.1968 at the University of Kansas:

[...] We cannot measure the soul of our nation by the Dow Jones Index, nor by national performance based on gross domestic product. For the gross domestic product includes the pollution of the air and ambulances that clean up the carnage on our highways. It includes the locks on our doors and the prisons for those people who break them down. The GDP includes the destruction of the Redwoods and the death of Lake Superior. It grows with the production of napalm and nuclear warheads. [...] It includes the airing of television programs that glorify violence to sell toys to our children. And while the GNP includes all of this, there is much it does not include. It does not include the health of our families, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry, the strength of our marriages, the intelligence of our public debate, or the integrity of our public officials [...] the gross national product measures neither our intellect nor our courage, neither our wisdom nor our compassion [...]. It measures, in short, everything except what makes life worth living.

So, the idea is not new. What people really need and what makes them fulfilled, healthy and truly happy has also been known for ages.

It is time that we demand the essential.
It is time that we live it ourselves consistently!

What is your goal in life? Your life sentence? (The Power of Purpose - 28-30.06.2018 - together we work out individual life goals and life sentences! - see below in the box)

We need a different policy - we need courage and willingness to demand it.


The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage.
- Pericles


In this sense - have courage to stand up for your purpose! Commit yourselves for purpose based profit!


winning for life


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