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During my recent visit to the USA, I not only had the opportunity to speak on Winspiration Day, but also had plenty of time to browse for new books in the local bookshops. As so often, I was amazed: even in the Internet age, there are still so many excellent books that only arrive in German-speaking countries years later - if at all!

One book in particular excited me: The Renaissance Society by Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen. The subtitle alone made me curious: "How the shift from the dream society to the age of individual control will change the way we do business."

We can already feel that major changes are imminent, especially for the so-called old world - the affluent countries: Everyone is aware of the sometimes massive structural change. But where exactly is it going? This book provides an interesting outlook into the near and distant future.

I found it particularly interesting that many of the arguments put forward by the authors (who advise leading international companies) resonate wonderfully with the ideas of the "inverted top 5". It is indeed becoming increasingly important to live the purpose: More important not only for the individual, but above all for companies. The authors also pick up on this idea.

I was particularly pleased that Jensen and Aaltonen refer to the work of Professor Ichak Adizes in their book. After all, I've been a fan of his consulting approach "forever"! (Do you already know? His further development has led to the V-I-S-E® analysis and a modern corporate management tool in the German-speaking world. Win-Win AG has been one of the very few licensors of this tool since autumn 2012).

But even more important, especially in view of our work with the HDI (Human Development Index), is happiness, which will become an increasingly important success factor. Citizens of established countries can no longer be lured by money and material wealth alone, because quality of life and personal satisfaction are becoming increasingly important. Happiness research clearly shows that money has little motivating effect, and above a certain level, no effect at all.

As the Winspiration Association demands, it should also be a task of the state to focus its work on making citizens not only economically more prosperous, but above all happier. And Europe is finally taking the next big step: the UK is planning to introduce a national happiness index.

Aren't we lucky to live in a time when happiness is gaining ground in politics and business? Be even happier when you integrate these insights into your work and discover how the business world is changing!

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