Who wants to be a millionaire?

Two weeks ago, after a break of several years, I conducted the Millionaire Spirit workshop again. One of the focal points of our work was, of course, Purpose, because no one wants to sell their soul to become a millionaire. Rather, the goal is to arrive in the upper right Purpose quadrant: On-Purpose and Rich.

The experience of this workshop once again prompted me to raise the question of why so many people struggle with themselves and achieve very little of what is actually possible for them. So I asked the community, which now numbers almost 2,000 people, on the Millionaire Spirit page on Facebook: Where does the belief that it's so hard to become a millionaire actually come from?

The response of many was, "So few can do it, so logically it must be hard!" My experience, however, clearly shows that this thinking is exactly the opposite of the truth and thus cannot be purposeful.

It is rather the other way around: Because many have the conviction that it is so hard to become a millionaire, only a few manage it.

I asked further on Facebook: Why are there relatively few people who consistently eat healthy and exercise regularly? Because it's impossible? - "Of course not!" was the answer. "Because they just don't do anything regularly to be healthy and fit!"

I see. Do you see the connection? It can be just as easy to become a millionaire: By regularly and consistently doing the simple things every day.

In doing so, it is important to ask yourself again and again: Am I clear in my Purpose and can I stay with myself despite external circumstances? Can I exercise and buy healthy food, no matter what temptations the environment offers me?

One of the most important questions on the road to wealth is: Can I always pay myself first, no matter what the environment tries to tempt me into doing? When an airplane takes off, passengers hear that "in the event of a loss of pressure" they should put the oxygen masks on themselves first and only then help others. This is logical, because if you can't breathe, you can't help. And so I would like to tell you very clearly today: Always pay yourself first!

Those who pay themselves first - in attention, in time, in money - live from the inside out. Loral Langemeier, Millionaire Maker in the USA, always says "Live out loud!" In German, we could say that it's about expressing oneself from the inside out and leaving an impression, and not, say, the other way around, letting oneself be impressed in order to then no longer be able to express oneself.

I wish you all the focus on your own time! Pay yourself, live your Purpose and make Purpose-based profit!

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