Reaffirming What is Part of Us

by Lyn Halvorsen and Wolfgang Sonnenburg

Recently we have been in London with our team discussing the upcoming Winspiration Day which falls on May 7th as it has done every year since 2003.

For those readers new to Winspiration Day we would like to reach out to you and invite you to become a part of it! It is a day created for you, us, and every person around the world. From all four corners of the Earth we can unite joyfully in contemplation and be of one accord. We wish for a better future where opportunity and vision combine with positive belief and action; to strengthen our lives and the lives of others. Winspiration gives us the power to do just that.

As we sat together in London, we talked and exchanged thoughts and ideas and Lyn mentioned a book she had recently come across called ‘In Tune With The Infinite’ by Ralph Waldo Trine, which was first published in 1897 and which Lyn found full of profound and valuable teachings. It was enlightening, not least because it led her to realise that there are no new observations or astounding revelations ready to be unveiled in this life – they have always been there and are part of our being. So why do we forget this?

In life, if we are not careful we can be led by old negative thoughts and ideas about ageing, and cling on to old perceptions laid down over the years; perhaps we find it easier to accept a doctors pessimistic diagnosis than to fight to change it, or work at changing our body’s chemistry so that we can renew ourselves. But the moment we come into a realisation of our true selves, and so of the tremendous powers and forces within – the powers and forces of the mind and spirit, hereditary traits and influences that are harmful in nature will begin to lessen.

When we are re-introduced to the wisdom that has been in our soul since time began and runs through our DNA we can draw from the intrinsic and deep-rooted strength that is at our core.

‘There is a golden thread,’ writes Trine, ‘that runs through every religion in the world. There is a golden thread that runs through the lives and the teachings of the prophets, seers, sages, and saviours in the world’s history, through the lives of all men and women of truly great and lasting power.’

It is interesting that Trine opens the book with a message for us – one that would be every bit as fitting today as it was in 1897. He notes that (then) we were born into a strange time – a time that tries men’s souls. Also, he states that bewilderment and fear hold many and that change and uncertainty stalk through the land – all lands. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

So many times we are bombarded with disturbing news from the media. We are staggered by the dreadful events that unfold in front of our eyes on our television screens. We wonder if these things can really be happening. Perhaps in our darkest moments we try to apportion blame, or divert our attention elsewhere. But deep down we know there must be a better way. And we are not alone. Between us, we have the enormous potential to bring about change, both in businesses, our own lives, and all around the world and this is why the Winspiration Movement is so important to us all. Over the years, on May 7th, individuals around the world have celebrated in various ways which is wonderful, but Winspiration is not necessarily about holding events; the main focus of the Winspiration movement is to be as one; to hold a peaceful but determined thought in our minds to bring about change; change for a better and an enlightened world.

Winspiration is about knowing. Knowing we can reach a good place together, with unlimited thinking, and that when we are focused we have no need to question what is right (or wrong) for our world. Winspiration is about becoming better than the best; not leading or following or laying down barriers and rules, for these become obsolete when we are completely united for the common good.

Your Tomorrow Starts Today!

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