Is Greece everywhere?

Throwing stones in Greece and one general strike after another.

I just wrote something about professionalism in the last blog.
A professional is someone who takes responsibility for their own performance.

What is happening in Greece? Citizens are striking against the government.
Against the state. Who is the state? Who elected the politicians?

In this case, the demonstration is against the result of the last election.
If you want democracy, throwing stones is not the best way to conduct a "vote". I watched the vote on N-TV yesterday. The pictures of course showed the stone throwers and fires. But if you looked closely, there weren't that many people in the square in front of parliament. Was it all just a media drama?

Of course, it is a personal hardship for many people when the economic situation is bad and poverty is rampant. Unfortunately, the causes always lie in one's own past.

Something must have caused the personal situation to be so bad. If this responsibility is not accepted, there is usually no real sustainable solution. The same applies to Germans. People complain about who is taking away jobs, minimum wage, etc.. The employer, the government, everyone is supposed to fix it.

But are we really prepared to work 20 years longer if life expectancy has increased by 20 years?

Only 20% of the German population works. And that's for fewer and fewer years. We are financing ever greater luxury. It's good what this society can afford.

However, it is also important for Germany that we no longer finance this predominantly on credit, but actually earn it. Privately, this means perhaps only buying a car if you can really afford it. Warren E. Buffett recommends that a car should not cost more than three months' wages. Who sticks to that?

If we take responsibility for our own well-being back into our own hands, then we can also demand from politicians what they have to do to achieve this.

In this sense, Greece is probably everywhere and the same dangers and opportunities loom everywhere.

The world is ok. We decide for ourselves what we make of it!


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

winning for life


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