Greece - and no new ideas

Two months ago, when I was in a WINSIDER

(Newsletter of WIN WIN AG) wrote,
"I dare not predict exactly how this year will probably go",
I got astonished questions, since I usually say very directly where things are going.

If you have been following the debate on support for Greece

then you can now understand that I wrote, "it will be a year of tightrope walking."

They could see at the latest now how deeply indebted states,

countries and municipalities are. And how helpless and unimaginative they are.
How blackmailing states have made themselves vulnerable to the financial world and
how the financial world takes risks that can ruin states.
It is like a vicious circle that politicians do not know how to break.

Months ago, I also pointed out that it was possible,

that street riots could come and one supposedly
already preparing "shelters" for demonstrators in some states.

Now what is in the minds of the financial jugglers and the politicians

really going on, an outsider can hardly really say.
But it is also relatively indifferent, because not what is going on in the head,
but what actions are implemented is decisive.
And here it can be seen once again that the parties involved are
have the greatest difficulties with their classical thought structures
to leave or to go new ways.

There I may quote Einstein twice:

"Always doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity"

"The mind that created the problem cannot solve it."

And how do you feel? Do you not also feel that it is always

greater madness what can be observed there.

Back to Greece. We are witnessing a government that seems unable or unwilling to acknowledge the situation clearly and openly. We are seeing demonstrations against measures to make the budget sound again. Strikes are taking place and economic damage is being caused.

If you think about it privately, how would you like to help out someone in need of money with your own hard-earned money? If we are all honest, probably hardly any of us.
Then we turn on the so-called mind and think about what will happen if we don't do it, let ourselves be guided by fears and blackmail and then pay anyway?
What should really come out of such an energy?

Let's imagine a different scenario.
The Greeks and the EC publicly announce we have all the

Screwed up. Some have cheated, the others have
consciously looked away and now we admit to ourselves, that's how it goes
not. We want to act differently from now on and shout:
"Let's all!!! come up with a solution together."

What if the Greeks (the people - the media) clearly

would signal, we are changing our patterns, we need
Help, please come take a vacation with us, as give us special
Effort. We ask for support! What if the governments,
which now give billions of guarantees (the idea came, by the way
from a bank employee at our round table).
pledge each citizen a few thousand euros,
when they spend them in Greece.

What do you feel now. Would you be more inclined to help the country?
Would speculators still be able to sell the land "short",

in the support?

I also know that the second variant has not yet been thought through in detail down to the last euro. But I know that if one would make the effort to design the solution on another
mental level, that there is a more sensible and, above all, more lasting solution.
Thus we come to the Win Win future constructiveness.

Because otherwise, you may also know from a diet cure,
times briefly lose weight goes. But permanently slim and fit is only possible if

Behavioral patterns are changed. In the Millionaire Spirit Seminar
I have noticed it again and again,
the desire for freedom, wealth is there, but preferably
about a quick-acting, simple trick.
Greece and all of us will only be able to permanently enjoy our future in health and financial prosperity if we cultivate behaviors that are prerequisites for this.

So be ready, look to the future with cheerfulness, you can be well prepared.



Wolfgang Sonnenburg
winning for life

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