Cheap only for the rich

Good advice is expensive
as the saying goes and now with the new social media
the free offers are piling up and FREE is the new marketing strategy.

Is the old saying still true?

I think so, or that it will become even more important.
Because we should distinguish between knowledge and good advice.
Information and knowledge are becoming increasingly accessible.
We are already talking about the flood of information.
If I am in a tsunami, my bottleneck is not
more a lack of water, but rather how I survive in the flood.
The more you are in the whirlpool, the more you are prepared to pay
to be saved.

Perhaps you also know this story:

The assembly line in a production facility came to a standstill,
because a machine was faulty. The engineers could not find the fault. Even people flown in from the manufacturer couldn't solve the problem.
There was already a high level of production downtime. They didn't know what to do. Then someone had the idea of getting an old mechanic from the neighboring town, who had had a small workshop there for a long time and repaired old cars for which there were no longer any spare parts. Maybe he could help.

He came, looked at the machine, took his sledgehammer, hit the machine and the machine was running again. Everyone in the company was happy, the line was finally running again and the losses were limited. Then came the bill for 10,000 euros. Everyone at management level was horrified, even though they had averted much greater damage. They asked the old mechanic to reconsider his bill, because you shouldn't charge that much for a hammer blow. The mechanic replied: "You are absolutely right, the amount is too high for a hammer blow and I will correct the invoice. And then he rewrote it. Hammer blow 1,- Euro, knew where 9.999,- Euro = 10.000,- Euro.

The highlight is and will remain,
that good advice will be expensive. Because building up know-how and, above all, do-how takes time, commitment and investment in further training.

In an age where cheap is cool, people naturally like to undercut prices. And above all, you get used to everyone asking if you can do it cheaper. Why do tickets, seminars etc. cost so much? But the result is often that the quality suffers. If the quality is poor, you have to buy new advice or a new product. So you have to buy twice. The bottom line is that it's more expensive.

Who can afford to buy twice? The rich!

So it's better to weigh it up right away - it needs advice with weight and that will keep its price.

And so a two-tier society is also emerging in this area. Who can or is willing to afford good advice?


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

winning for life


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