In-between time and space ... is that where your dream lives?

"On Ash Wednesday, everything is over, and in May, everything becomes new again."

At least that's what they say - but what about in the meantime?

In-between time: an interesting word. In the so-called in-between time decides probably whether and how intensively we live. It is also said that it is not so much important how many years you have in your life, but how much life you have in your years!

What do I do between this and that? Do I discuss work-life balance or do I live?!

The power lies in the in-between. Molecules, atoms, electrons. Where does the force reside? In the space between. Between the matter particles. In sports, where is the team spirit? Between the players. You usually don't see it yourself. But you can learn to recognize it. Have you ever heard the question "what is between you?" In the future, pay attention to it, for example, when you're sitting in a waiting room, on a plane ... what's between you and your neighbor? Is there something? Maybe something that connects?

What separates, what connects? Do you see it? In the in-between is the power!

Just today someone told me I don't want a normal relationship. Pulling, who wants that? Can you do without?

I once did a seminar with Samy Molcho with about 100 participants. It was about relationship. Everyone got a rope, tied it around their belly, and it remained swinging freely for about 1 meter. This free end could be connected to others. When all 100 were somehow connected, it began to dawn on the participants.
When someone does something, moves, it quickly affects everything. Even on people further away.
There is always something between them that connects. Relationship means recognizing that.

No man is an island. No man is an island! All islands are connected. And with that, you have responsibility where you move to.

Intermediate space. If you watch a soccer game with young players, about 6-8 years old, you usually see a ball running across the field. All want to get to the ball. Not leaving any space. Very time-consuming and energy-sapping. Later they learn that not everyone has to run. That the ball has to run, and that covering space is important.

Where are you not leaving enough room? Who is not giving you enough space?

Meditate on this.

But - How do we meditate on "between"?

Maybe like this: When you see a sentence in your mind, you see a gap between the words. Go through this gap mentally. Who is in the space behind the sentence? Who is thinking the sentence?

As you become more mindful of the in-between and the spaces, you will discover a new, big, wide, world.

Perhaps a beautiful one. Certainly a significant one.

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