If we park correctly and eat healthy, the system collapses!

If we park correctly and eat healthy food the system breaks down!

The growth rates for the last quarter have just been published again. 
In Germany, 0.3% growth. 
Much or little was the question in the news?

Little for Germany but in comparison with the other countries nevertheless 
much was the answer.

But once again, the essentials were not discussed.

Why do we need growth at all? Simply put, because we are in debt 
are and want to take on more and more debt. With growing credit, you have to 
pay more and more interest and this can only be done if the "salary" increases. For most European countries, then, the Maastricht agreement still applies, which states, 
a country may only take on debt up to 60% of its gross domestic product.

So higher GDP and we get to take on more debt. Unlike most private individuals, a country gets credit without collateral, only on faith 

that it will be able to repay the interest tomorrow. 
Increasing growth helps this belief.

But looking at growth alone (size or sales) is not only nonsensical,
but very dangerous.

In the case of a private real estate loan, everyone can easily understand that the 
Mortgaging a worthless house is risky. If you pay back the mortgage 
wants and the house has no value, then you have to get the money from somewhere else or 
raise your fingers.

And with the states? Somehow even worse.
For states, revenue is essentially taxes.
Growth = higher bills = higher taxes, so the idea goes.
Therefore, in the case of the gross domestic product, there is also
only the focus on the invoices and 
not the underlying business transactions.

When we "clear" dead people off the highway, chemotherapy, 
Lose smoker legs, make booze, produce toxins, etc., 
this all increases the gross domestic product. So we should be aware, we make debts against slimmed smoker's legs, chemotherapy, etc....
What kind of security is that?

More than 15 years ago, I discovered an amount in the millions in the budget of the city of Hamburg,
Revenue from fines for improper parking, speeding, etc..
However, these fines were not intended for traffic victims, but were budgeted in the regular budget. So it has long ceased to be a question of really using the fine to 
to achieve a different behavior of road users.
On the contrary, if we all behaved correctly in terms of traffic now, we would 
healthy diet, our current system would collapse, because it would just be 
lives from our nonsensical behavior and is built on it.

So, when we look at growth, we shouldn't just look at the numbers 
and percentages, but are paying more and more attention to the quality of the underlying business transactions.

An acquaintance once put it this way:

"So far we have only learned to build an economic system that can make money from war and disease. We need a new thinking, a new system,

so that we can create prosperity with peace and health."

Let's start by realizing that growth percentages are not
are the only thing that makes you happy, but that it is rather the underlying substance, the quality, that counts. Just like in normal value investing!


Wolfgang Sonnenburg

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