From peer pressure at school to poverty?

If you have children, you will experience first-hand that your kids want certain clothes,
in order to fit in at school.

But perhaps you remember when you were young and you did things because it was the custom in the community.
Why did you want to smoke? Were you ever asked to drink more alcohol than was good for you? "Don't be a wimp! If you want to be a real man, then....... I've been there, and I was there too.

What have we not done to please others!
What have we been able to leave behind later and what are we still "dragging" through our lives as a result?

Today we have such a great longing to be ok. To finally be allowed to be the way we want to be.
But do we really dare to?

Check for yourself in the next company in which you have the opportunity to discuss topics.

If you say, I want to be healthy, how do others react?
If you say, I want to look after my garden well?
If you say, I want to be a good father, a good mother?
If you say, I want to be happy?

Health, good relationships, a beautiful garden, a nice boss - you can seriously wish for all that.

But what if you say from the bottom of your heart, I really want to be rich, really independent, what happens then?
Will you be laughed at or will you receive support?

Are you prepared, perhaps unlike in your school days, to stand up to peer pressure and really go for your own interests? And that doesn't mean being against others, but only against what is not good for ourselves!

If you want a long life, are you really prepared to be the last apple on the tree, or is the "peer pressure" of the fallen apples so strong that you too would rather fall?

If you really want to be rich and financially independent, do you dare to do it?
Or are you still behaving like you did at school?

Anthony Robbins:
I am not simply in favor of money, but simply no longer in favor of poverty.

Abraham Lincoln:
It does not help the poor if we ourselves remain poor.

Marianne Williamson:
Our greatest fear is that our light will shine!

Enlightenment has something to do with letting go of fear and shining yourself.

Don't we also say a shining example?

Look after your garden, your finances and, above all, yourself.
Be good to yourself!

I wish you much light and prosperity.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg
winning for life


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