Paradigm shift 2014

In the past few days, I posted a photo on Facebook of the Werfthalle in Göppingen, a large event location that can hold thousands of guests. There, on April 5 and 6, I will start again more intensively in network marketing: with Nikken, with the company I have been associated with for 17 years.

In 1997, after many years in legal and tax consulting, many of my colleagues and friends had wondered why I gave up my business to start Nikken in Germany. Some time later , the great success proved us right, then some understood my decision - and at the same time there were many envious people.

The past twelve years were years of "beach testing" for me. I looked at many beaches and tried out whether I could even live year-round on the beach and in the sun. I lived in Gibraltar for twelve years in the best penthouse in Queensway Marina. But as nice as this was, after a few years of doing nothing, the gray matter became sluggish. So I started again with consulting activities, coaching and coach trainings in the Win Win AG and of course I expanded my own investments.

Throughout all these years, I remained connected with Nikken, even though I was no longer working there so actively. During this time, many network companies and "consultants" approached me and wanted to poach me, since I had become the No. 1 in Europe in Nikken. I looked at some of these companies, but then came to the conclusion that Nikken is still the most coherent company for me: there is no hype, no promise of a "quick fix."

It is not a millionaire overnight network, and as already written in my book Millionaire Spirit, I advocate in my coaching sessions that money should precisely not be the main motive for an activity. Instead, money should serve one's purpose, it should be the consequence. Network marketing in itself neutral, but unfortunately it is often abused by people who are looking for simple people to make them rich. Exactly the other way around is right! With the principle "Pay it forward" we ask ourselves: Who can I teach and support to learn the profession of a networker?

But the following applies to all companies: Nothing remains stable if it is not built on substance. Very few network companies provide qualified training, because good coaching is important for good training. So for me, it was an ideal combination that contributed to my decision to work more consistently in network marketing again, and to do so differently than many others, and thus, according to the goal, better than many others.

On April 5 and 6, we are hosting a big event at the Werfthalle in Göppingen: Paradigm Change Day, the day of the paradigm shift. Because if you want to move safely into the future in this time of structural change, you have to change your own paradigms and those of society: About the professional world, about health, about finances and also about networking itself.

Anyone who wants to can book the first day, where topics like Network or Nikken are in the background. It's about the social and economic paradigms that we all need to change. About what we still believe to be true, but that is no longer true, and about what we can all achieve. Top-class speakers will help to make the first day a wonderful event and seminar day, for only 39 euros including lunch, coffee break and seminar documents.

The second day will be about how we will work in the network in the future. Here, too, it will be about a paradigm shift, because the world of the network is also changing considerably. But that's precisely why I'm so attached to Nikken: Because, similar to value investing, it does not aim at the "quick fix," the fast profit, but builds on stable values, and at the same time is flexible enough to adapt to a fast changing world as well.

As described in my book And the Best is Yet to Come, it's all about making our world a better place and personally living a fulfilling life. Money is very important for this, but it is not everything: Don't sell your soul for money!

Building a network in a world where there is no "quick fix" requires people who share a vision and are willing to do honest work.

Who wants to earn money fast is wrong with me. But if you want to work with solid work and a great vision to prepare a fulfilling life for yourself and others, if you want to work in a team that supports each other to grow on different levels, you are welcome to contact me or another Nikken partner. And maybe we will see each other in April in Göppingen!

You can find more information and a booking form here: Or contact me directly: 0041-793108088 or

Yours sincerely
Wolfgang Sonnenburg

Success is also just a habit!

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