Courage - does it even exist?

Illusion or reality?

In the book Lieber die ganze Welt gegen mich als meine Seele (Rather the whole world against me than my soul ) I have shown the polarity between poverty and arrogance. Then I put humility in the middle.

Does what we generally think of as courage even exist?

During my last flight to Los Angeles, I read an article by Helge Zimmerberg in a magazine about the courage of a Maasai. This elderly Maasai had the task of guarding the tourists' camp in the savannah at night. He had a long, rather thin stick as a "weapon."

The tent in the middle of the wilderness, surrounded by wild animals and protected only by such a single guard? And it came as it had to come, a lioness stalked.

The majority of those sleeping in the tent did not notice. The Masai jumps up. Goes straight and fast towards the lioness. He rushes toward the hungry predator that could have torn him to shreds immediately. We know this, but the lioness does not. She is a prisoner of her reflexes. What runs away is chased, what freezes and stops is usually eaten. But what walks purposefully toward her is not a sacrificial animal. And so the lioness took to her heels.

Was the Masai particularly brave now?

In my context, I say no. He was humble. He didn't need to be brave because he knew what made the lioness tick. He was not in an ignorance from which we would create an illusion. Felix Baumgartner jumped from space and said in an interview, we have thought through all the dangers for 5 years and found solutions.

Therefore, I did not need to be afraid.

Do we only find something courageous because we haven't dealt with it and then make up dangers in a world of our own thoughts? Poverty mostly uses creativity to think up why it can't be done or all the bad things that could happen. Creates "negative" illusions. Pride uses the mind for arrogant fantasies, for unrealistic "positive" illusions. In the middle, the world becomes real.

Humility as accepting what really is. Facts without evaluation. Understanding how the lioness is programmed. In business, weighing risks and opportunities equally, then making one's own choice, as Warren Buffett so well exemplifies. There is no such thing as classic courage.

In this sense, get real - it frees you from illusionary fears, allows you to achieve anything you want in the real world. In life, anything is possible. In illusion, anything unreal is as transient as your emotions.

With SeelenPower and The Week for Life we have created seminars that help you to consistently live in the power of humility. And thus to achieve more than before.

So, get real, as I like to say. Catch yourself in your "false" fantasies and create the reality you want. This after you have accepted the already existing wonderful world and life real.

Enjoy Life!

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