Money is never the real issue

"Money is never the issue!"

is one of many sentences of my friend Bob Proctor.
On a trip that also took me to Frankfurt's main train station, I could once again see this clearly confirmed.
Just behind the main entrance on the right, lay the proof. In Frankfurt, a white line goes from the entrance door in the direction of the platforms. Exactly on this walkway, a café had placed a sign: Cafe to go 1 Euro. You couldn't miss this sign, even had to be careful not to run into it. In the photo above you can see not only this sign, but also that there is no one in the store. I stood there for quite a while, no one went in. Really no one.

Right next to this cheap offer there is a Starbucks. Now everyone knows that the coffee there is much more expensive. In Switzerland, a Venti Latte costs CHF 7.20, or about 6 euros! Wouldn't one have to assume that in the so preached crisis times, Starbucks would be empty and the coffee shop with the 1 Euro coffee would be full?
Here in the photo you can see that the reality is different. At Starbucks, a line of people who want to order. We don't just buy coffee, we don't just want the product, we want more than just the product, and we pay for that even in times of crisis.
In my consulting work, I see again and again how difficult it sometimes is to show start-up entrepreneurs and also long-established business people that it is actually easy to be successful. But that success is not simply about price. I took the photos in Frankfurt in the main train station in the main hall. Thousands pass by there every day. Who notices the difference? Who draws the right insight from it, who recognizes what makes success and that success can even have a higher margin. You don't have to like this or think it's right. But you should be able to recognize it and see once again how close success and failure are. In the photo below, you can now clearly see that both businesses are really right next to each other.
Money is not the main issue,
Money is not the main issue.
Wolfgang Sonnenburg
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