Becoming mentally younger - (how) is that possible?

In my article from March 2(A class reunion is not always a class reunion), I referred to the three different types of age: chronological, biological and mental. I have already written about the first two.

On the third topic - mental age - I wanted to wait for Winspiration Day so as not to publish the video Dave Asprey sent us on May 7 too early. So today, more on how we can all become mentally younger.

The Brain Machine

In February, I spent a week at 40 Years of Zen, a brain training institute in Seattle. Even then I was more than thrilled ... and I still am. Firstly, because I was able to uncover and resolve a deep-seated trauma there. The second reason was that the exercises I did there were identical to those we do in our Soul Power and The Week for Life seminars. Of course, that really encouraged me: we are up to date with what we offer; there are no better exercises yet; what we do is optimal.

At 40 Years of Zen, there is a "brain machine" that helps to put the brain into the alpha brainwave state and stay in it for three to four hours. With good preparation, you can achieve results much faster and with greater depth. You learn a lot about your brain and can train it in different areas. Above all, this is the only state in which you can rewrite inner programs and reprogram yourself in depth. This is also something that we offer our participants in The Week for Life convey. What is really special about 40 Years of Zen is that you can train specific areas of the brain in a very targeted way and thus also specific skills.

In this way, a simple idea is realized, the implementation of which was previously almost impossible. Our brain changes materially through thinking-this is not a theory, but a fact. If you train your thinking in certain pathways, these pathways in the brain also become physically stronger, just like a muscle grows in the gym. The result: The electrical impulses preferentially move in the "retracted" pathways because it is faster there.

Brain specialists can tell from an older brain which activity the person in question performs or has performed. If it is an artist - e.g. a violinist - then you can see that the area of the left hand is much larger and more pronounced.

The brains of top executives were scanned, as well as those of masters who have meditated for forty years or more. From these findings, the experts at 40 Years of Zen were able to identify which areas need to be trained in order to achieve the desired results much faster than was previously the case. Hence the name "40 Years of Zen." You no longer have to meditate classically for forty years. (How far could you get if you applied these methods for 40 years?)

What time savings, what an increase in productivity!

And also: what a new freedom and opportunity for us to be able to choose which ability we want to develop more! Regardless of age. In the short video by Dave Asprey, which he made for Winspiration Day, you get a glimpse of what's to come. Take a look at it!

Wisdom and truth

So technology is constantly evolving. But we need more than that. Wisdom cannot be achieved through bodybuilding alone, we often see the opposite when people only focus on outward appearances. But it is wonderful to dedicate oneself to wisdom and truth and to accomplish the material requirements of years faster. The invention of the wheel was a great advance, but only the wisdom to use it wisely brings true value.

The outside world is getting faster, and it will get even faster in the coming years. We are being confronted with an unimagined speed of development, particularly as a result of the artificial intelligence that is coming our way. I deliberately say "confronted" here because we have not been able to keep up for a long time. They say in Silicon Valley: When artificial intelligence has reached the capabilities of a three-year-old, it will take another 14 days for the IQ to reach 1000. It will then happen at breakneck speed, because there are no cultural blockades or emotional barriers.

As humans, we have to make sure that we can keep up with artificial intelligence. I would like to make this clear with a comparison: In my youth, soccer players ran around the pitch a lot, nowadays they have a much cooler head, they think more, and the ball has to move faster for that. That means we have to become calmer and more composed on the inside, and we have to be able to keep up on the outside. This is something essential that we also train in The Week for Life.

Boundless youth?

Brain research shows that we can rejuvenate ourselves mentally and remain flexible and capable of peak mental performance into old age. And we have already discussed what old age is. It is often said that we only use 5 to 10 percent of our brain, but this statement is completely wrong! If you're driving a Ferrari at 20 km/h on the highway, we wouldn't say you're only using the Ferrari 10% of the time. We always use our brain 100 percent. All areas of the brain are used in some way, but: we don't use the full capacity of the Ferrari, not the full potential of the brain. We use 100 percent of the brain, but not 100 percent of its potential! We can't really imagine what it would mean to go to 20 or 30 percent, because going to 20 percent would already mean that it is 100 percent more than what we can do now. Every single percent more means unimagined changes for us.

And now once again on the subject of "age:" It doesn't matter when you start, there is no limit. The old phrase "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is not true. Hans can learn, but he is often just stuck and no longer wants to change. But anyone can mentally rejuvenate themselves. The Win Win Institute will be placing great emphasis on this topic next year.

In Seattle, I learned through 40 Years of Zen I have personally benefited enormously, I have become more centered, calmer and 100% more productive. But it can still happen that frustration bursts out of me. However, this has become much rarer and passes very quickly. But the clearer you become yourself, the more frightening it is to see how others torture themselves unnecessarily and/or are abused. That's how the newsletter slipped through my fingers "That's enough!" out of my head and out of my hand. But this reaction did me good and led me to do more education through videos and postings: so that many criteria become more generally known and many can make better decisions for themselves in their private and professional lives.

No limits! No limits!

To summarize: We don't need to be overly interested in chronological age, except perhaps that you have to be a certain age to go to the movies.

We can effectively influence our biological age, because we know that we completely replace our body cells in around three years ... so we have completely new cells! We no longer exist in our old form, we are completely renewed. Who are we then? Logically, it must be much more to do with our consciousness if we look the same again. We renew ourselves with cells that then age again quickly.

There are no limits to mental age. We have to say goodbye to the idea that everything has to go downhill. Because let's be honest, the more I train, the better I can get. And there doesn't have to be an end. Unless, of course, we decide to.

The healing technique Ho'oponopono, which originated in Hawaii, is based on the realization that there are no limits. And the book I mentioned earlier by Dr. Karsten Quintessenz: No limits! is based on the latest science, on the findings of modern physics, and says quite clearly: there really are no limits! But as long as I believe that I have to die, I will definitely have to. If I believe that I have limits, I will also experience the limits. But where there is boundless faith, the mountain can be moved. Anything really is possible.

Even if you haven't mastered it yet and still need practice, it's still possible for you. And maybe we'll see each other in The Week for Life, where we'll spend a week together deepening our insights, doing exercises in this area, and after which I'll accompany you for six months to really implement what you've learned.

You can change your life! You can completely change your life and therefore the world around you.

To summarize the five points I made in L.A. at Winspiration Day:

  1. Be happy! Super happy that you are alive!
  2. Make the best of yourself that you can make of yourself!
  3. Choose a life without limits!
  4. Create an extraordinary future for yourself!
  5. Form or be part of the right team, the right community for you to achieve this and live it consistently! From me to we!



Wolfgang Sonnenburg
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