DeLoCKed or KeePed

A decisive basic axiom towards your employees  

makes probably the biggest difference in selection, leadership and living together and is therefore often the real basis for success!

A basic axiom is the paradigm, the set of beliefs on which your 
Thought structure or your whole world view builds up. 
Dr. Reinhard K. Sprenger was the first Winspiration Award winner.
He received this award from me because, with his books "Myth of Motivation 
and "The trained citizen'" pointed out such essential points, 
that are mostly done wrong in practical life, in the professional world. 
But because many do it, we believe it is right.
The lemmings probably think so, too.
Sprenger is also a preacher of intrinsic motivation. 
But the business world often thinks all employees are lazy, 
Incentives would therefore have to be created or, in the distribution 
often think that by using incentives you can turn a plow horse into a 
Make race horses. We know that this is not possible.
In the title of this blog I have written LOHN and GEHALT in capital letters.
Very different worlds open up in these two terms.
Workers were always rewarded after their work was done. Rewarded means thank you, 
You can go. The employer has freed himself
You know the term Tagelöhner. Have you ever heard Tagegehalter? 
No, just the one I want for a day, for a task, 
who gets hourly or daily rate. 
It is always interesting for me how many trainers, coaches or 
other service providers offer a daily rate. 
No matter what the daily rate, most are still 
at the level of the day laborer.
Between the first law exam and the second one, I had to 
Become a civil servant on revocation, complete my traineeship. 
It is, after all, a state exam. 
That was when I first experienced getting money at the beginning of the month. 
A salary! So I was not paid at the end for work done, but 
I was paid to be available for the month, 
could work there. 
Are you aware, salary is about keeping someone.
They are to be held. Not be one to be remunerated and 
then gone, but someone you want to keep.
Is this a big difference? It is worlds apart if you do it consistently.
The Schlecker bankruptcy is big in the press right now. Image of the Schlecker family 
has always been, they exploit employees and operations. Result known. 
There is also the drugstore chain DM-Markt, which has just cleared yet another hurdle in the billion-dollar sales range and has a top healthy and steadily 
growing company is. 

Dr. Götz Werner has the credo, 
"I don't pay my employees for work done, I pay them ,
so that they can work with me in peace". 
He wants to keep them, pays real salary. And the company is growing extremely 
profitable and with a good working atmosphere. World's difference to Schlecker. 
And the worst is still that many workers we at Schlecker, work hard, 
to then be remunerated
Bye and goodbye!
So, no matter which side you are on dear reader, as an employer you are watching, 
That you have people in your company that you want to keep. 
As an employee, please develop to the point of 
in personality and also always develop professionally
That they want to hold you.
Applies to any client, service providers alike.
Unusual? It's been that way in the music industry for a long time, 
that record companies pay big stars large sums up front, 
so that they deliver songs for the publisher in subsequent years. 
We are also familiar with this in the case of football players. 
At the board level as well. 
And check yourself, which axiom do you have and which world view, which 
Company and management structure, what working life you have built to this.
Warm greetings
Wolfgang Sonnenburg
winning for life

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