Discover yourself. 12 km next to the slopes.

Something on our own account

Do you know where you want to go?
Are you looking forward to the future?

Or are you afraid of it?

And what about your finances? Is that already everything,

what life has in store for you?
How would it be if there were a way after all,
Your life situation fundamentally and
to change sustainably?

If you want to clarify these questions for yourself,

you should join us on June 11 to 13 in
Dübendorf come. 12 km from Zurich Airport
away, we put you on the road to success.
With WINNING SPIRIT we have created for you a
unique workshop, in which you will be able to
in a relaxed atmosphere for three days of intensive
work on your future.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg, author of "Millionaire Spirit
and Carina H. Ericson, Body Mind pioneer
guide you through the valuable power and insight days
where you will discover something wonderful:
Yourself and all your potential.
And the miracle of a self-determined life,
off the beaten track.
Because the time is ripe for it. For you, too.

"For me, the weekend was the long-awaited breakthrough."
Matthias Schoeller

"What I've experienced here has surpassed everything."
Marion Evers

The WINNING SPIRIT seminar - a huge win.

Am excited about the lectures."
Marianne Winkler

"Today, we're blazing trails and tackling things,

that we had not even imagined 4 years ago.
could imagine doing."
Schaum family

"...I have never encountered an offer,
that so clearly, logically and simply presents the essential
Connections to goal realization,

Personal development and financial
Freedom to the Point."
Svenja Neupert, Kompetenzia-International

The participation in the workshop WINNING SPIRIT is

665,- Euro. For more information, please contact us by mail: or at

WINNING SPIRIT. The basis for resounding success.
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