A life for life!

 Life is a Tu word!

Already at the beginning of January I wrote in my newsletter "and so 2016 will be really awesome," but only explained on Facebook what exactly I meant by AWESOME.

So I'm catching up on the explanation now:

G = money
E = emotionally fulfilled
I = inspired
L = love of life

All this I not only wish for you, but also want to encourage you to live it to the fullest!

Is there life after death?

So many people discuss this and then don't have enough focus and energy for life before death. As the saying goes, "How many years you have in life may not be up to you, but how much life you have in years is up to you!"

So we take responsibility for living an intense life. Not letting ourselves be bonsai, not tolerating what keeps us small. Also no longer tolerate what we make up ourselves to keep ourselves small. After all, our own thoughts are usually even more humiliating than what others say. If you think you are powerless, then it is you who thinks that.

We all know that our paradigms, our inner oaths and our thought constructs determine our lives. We tolerate all too readily what sustains this construct. And it has nothing, really nothing at all to do with what and who we could be or should be, if we would go into our full power, live out our potential, our destiny.

A friend reminded me of Leonard Orr's book, Breaking the Death Habbit.

The Bible says: "My breath shall be with you 120 years." But the Bible also mentions many people who are much older than these 120 years. What do you believe in? What age do you really believe we human beings can reach?

Leonard Orr writes: "The death belief, the belief that we must die, is a single thought that can be eliminated. It is formed of anti-life thoughts and beliefs, and makes us believe that death is inevitable, and out of our control. The only purpose of this thought is to kill us, which it inevitably does unless we kill this thought first!"

Leonard Orr met 8 people who were over 300 years old.

Is there life after death? In any case, it can only exist if we allow death. What would it be like to renounce it?

One way or the other? Whether our thoughts really kill us later or just our zest for life and love of life in advance, as long as we are still walking around here, does this really make a difference?

For me, it has also taken far too long in my life to break out of thought prisons and discover and allow financial prosperity and enjoyment of life for myself.

That's why I'm spending a lot of my time today encouraging you and others to take your place in life. To be winspired. Not only generally inspired, but also winspiriert - purposefully to unfold their own potential.

Set out, because you don't yet know how successful, how fit, how happy you can really be. Only if you really try it out, you will experience it.

We will be happy to support you.

SoulPower is already fully booked in January, but there will be the next one in Berlin on March 2-6. Also with HypnoPower afterwards.

We have started training and licensing this type of seminar - linked to the High5 for Success. If you are interested, please ask, 2 places are still available in the next course.

And together with Bob Proctor and his business partner Sandra Gallagher, we are hosting The Week f o r Life in early May.

We will give you more information shortly. This will be a very special event. In the Vienna area. From the 2nd to the 6th of May and with the following Winspiration Day Event on the 7th of May.
So sign up for what interests you and brings you further, keep the week of May free, and above all live a G E I L life!

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