Do I live up to my full potential?

How do I veconcile emotional fulfilment and great financial success?

What is this life really about, and how do I find my true purpose?

How do I make the best of the years to come?

These are the questions I have asked myself many times over the years. We can find the answers. Implementing simple but profound changes results in a better quality of life and a joyous outlook, which is consistently improving.

Uncovering you very own and unique essence makes the real life experience possible. – Experience the power that you can release and it secures you the above-average life sucess.

Your special price: only 697 GBP

Premium members of the Winspiration Association receive a bonus-price: only 249 GBP

(247 GBP a year enables you to become a supporting member of the Winspiration Association, which runs from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018; this will include additional and inspirational coaching for the rest of the year.)

Date: 24.-26.07.2017  at the Hotel Great Missenden Abbey, UK.

Language: English.




So you choose:

‘Just’ the three days for 697 GBP, or become a member and just pay a total of 496 GBP which will entitle you to both the three days ‘Power of Purpose’ and ‘Life Sentence’, and additional coaching for as long as you stay as a supporting member.

As a member you will be able to listen regularly to the expertise of top coaches such as:

Bob Proctor, Sandra Gallagher, Mary Morrissey, Blain Bartlett, Johann Ilgenfritz, Wolfgang Sonnenburg, Danny Adams, Alain Banon, Aline Banon, Britta Bauer, Lennox Cornwall, Dr. Jürgen Karsten, Jamie Luner, Peggy McColl, Elizabeth McCormick, Lynn Rose, Terry Tillmann and others.

This is an incredible offer, and one which may not come again in this format. The two ladies who are writing the forthcoming book with Wolfgang will be participating in the course and using the experience to enrich the unique book with ‘live’ examples. Until you have experienced this process first hand you cannot really know the life changing effects, and that is what makes this offer so extraordinary.

So, take the chance and join us!

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