Better the Whole World Against Me Than My Soul


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For many years Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg has been concerned with happiness, both related to individuals and to humanity as a whole. He asks questions that many people want or need answered: What is happiness? How can we measure happiness? How can countries and societies attain more happiness, and what defines real wealth?

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An Unconventional Way of Being a Millionaire

Wolfgang shows us how to let go of old paradigms and unleash our unlimited potential to create a life of unlimited abundance. Do you find yourself searching for a better way of facing the future? In his fascinating and informative book ‘Better the Whole World Against Me Than My Soul’, Wolfgang Sonnenburg describes how he embarked on his own unique journey of self-discovery and shows us how we can follow our own path to change our lives beyond our wildest expectations. After many years as a successful corporate lawyer Wolfgang Sonnenburg turned his back on conventional practice and let go of the many challenges and demands of his working life. He realised that high pressured living and materialistic advantages didn’t necessarily bring happiness or contentment. In this book, Wolfgang looks back at his life and those who have had an impact on it, and the inspiration that has led him to become the motivated and compassionate man he is today. Wolfgang now works as a successful entrepreneur, speaker and mentor, and is the initiator of the Winspiration Association.