The Future of Business is making the Future the Business.

— Wolfgang Sonnenburg

About Wolfgang

To escape the scarcity mindset of post-war Germany in his teenage years, Wolfgang Sonnenburg developed extraordinary skills for questioning established beliefs and getting to the core of what really, really matters. Later, he became a successful corporate lawyer, always picking holes into his professors’ arguments and even turning around a court’s decision by asking the right questions at the right time while still a student.

“Getting rich for a better world” was Wolfgang’s motto of his flourishing law and tax firms: A metaphor for dissolving caste thinking and injustice. But he became disenchanted when he learned what was really happening behind the scenes of the law business. He knew that his philosophy of purpose-based profit was headed in the right direction, but it turned out that he had chosen the wrong tools. Facing millions in debt, he turned his business by 180 degrees, then regained the loss and made millions more by building international sales networks and consulting with entrepreneurs.

Today, after having turned scarcity into abundance, he teaches his proven strategies and techniques to individuals and organizations.

Purpose Hacking and Manifesting Realities

The profoundly moving personal experiences of his adolescence were the sparks that still power Wolfgang Sonnenburg’s quest for “Purpose Hacking” – instilling a clear sense of purpose in businesses. Making money, in his experience, should be the byproduct of focused and consequentially executed business strategies. His Purpose Finding® Process helped many business owners and corporations improve their lives and businesses beyond belief. He teaches others to manifest their thoughts and visions, to take dreams for what they are – dreams – and instead put the rubber on the road and become the master of one’s world.

Winspiration: Spreading the Light

Wolfgang’s last name translates to “castle of the sun,” a reflection of what he practices and preaches all around the world: With a clear purpose in mind, build secure foundations for a rich and abundant life, then let your light shine so that others can learn to do the same – regardless where they are coming from. He created the Winspiration Association as an umbrella organization for those who do not just talk about changing the world but are taking concrete steps to effect lasting, positive change.

Getting to the Core

What is your life, your business, your relationships … what is everything really, really about? Always asking this one extra question, always digging a tiny bit deeper to get to the real, real core of things, Wolfgang has helped thousands of people around the world to discover their purpose, define their vision and make one hell of a profit – in every sense of the word. To achieve this goal, he founded the Winspiration Academy.

Read his books and take part in his workshops. Take part in Entrepreneurial Prime Coaching for yourself or Transformational Leadership Consulting for your company. Join the Winspiration Association and become part of a global movement to make our beautiful world an even better, more liveable, more abundant place for everyone.